Choose an address chair for the office

Choosing an address office chair correctly for our office is an important task both to maintain the health of our backs and to have an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment for daily work.

In the management offices, clients are negotiated, and they spend long hours sitting, meeting, working to provide solutions to the projects so that the office chair can directly influence the increase in our productivity.

The steering chair is a key piece in the office

Our steering chair must be integrated into the style of our space.

The steering chair is probably the key piece that can mark the comfort and style of our workspace. Among the wide variety of office chairs, we can find upholstered address chairs with different materials:

Leather steering chairs, with a strong character of elegance typical of the most serious and classic styles.

Chairs upholstered with fabric or with breathable mesh backrest, with a more modern aesthetic typical of companies in the technology and service sectors.

Technical characteristics and quality of materials

The importance of chair adjustments for our health.

In relation to health and especially that of our back, a good chair should protect us against possible pain and problems. In this sense, the steering chairs offer us infinite adjustments and regulations, so that our body adapts perfectly, avoiding bad postures and possible future injuries.

The settings of a steering chair will vary depending on the range and quality of the model. There are completely ergonomic chairs, with many adjustments:

  • Seat height adjustment. It allows us to adjust the height of the seat to each user.
  • Tilt synchro system. It allows the movement of the backrest naturally accompanying our body.
  • Regulation of the tension of the swingarm. Regulates the resistance and hardness of the recline.
  • Adjustable lumbar support. It serves as a support for the lower back of our back.
  • Seat adjustable in depth. Let’s keep the back of the leg supported.
  • 3D and 4D arms with multiple options, both fixed and adjustable.
  • Adjustable headrest for work of high sedentary activity, without movement.

Some of the ergonomic steering models in our catalog that incorporate these regulations are the Aeron and Embody chair by the American manufacturer. You can visit the website to view them.

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