Cons of polished plasters:

Many people run away from polished plaster because of few reason the most common reason is the people think that polished plaster is expensive than paint yes I agree with the statement but it’s not complete truth. As polished plaster is your long term investment where as if you compare with painted walls you need to repaint your wall after every year. In the case of painted walls you need to do something for the bacterial growth that can damage of wall very quickly it also requires extra charges where as in polished plaster there is no hidden charges once you invest initial cost that’s it.

Hire an expert of polished plaster:

It’s important to hire professional team like Evoke Polished Plaster because a professional and expert only e give you the correct application of polished plaster otherwise it will become hard to apply it will remain and dry unprofessional polished plaster man cannot provide you the perfect look. And the experts of this field can give you the perfect texture and the colors which go with your overall interior as per your requirement.

Common doubts about polished plaster:

Commonly people misunderstood the definition of polished plaster they think polished plaster is usually used for walls yes it do used for walls commonly but you can apply it to the ceiling, to floor, outer side area of house etc. Many houses near to beaches use polished plaster for ceiling as it dries out water completely and becomes hard and durable. Even in old times mostly people use polish plaster to their place as they have less choices. As discussed before polished plaster are best for washroom or bathrooms but many people misconceptualized  it and think polished plasters cannot use for wet areas. In actual polished plaster is meant to be used for wet areas as once it applies and dries completely it absorb all dampness quickly.  Still you have any doubt about polished plaster visit the site

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