3 Ways to Boost Your Sales and Increase Return on Investments (ROI)

Good businesses thrive when they remain focused on the customer and provide consistent and trustworthy services. Great businesses know customers and consumers should be prioritized and should always be working on ways to keep regular and new customers satisfied. When customers are satisfied, businesses see their sales increase, but even the best businesses can benefit from improving the ways they provide services to their consumers.

An important way to keep a business focused on this proven path to success is to improve communication with customers. When looking to boost sales and increase ROI, fresh technology almost always offers and advantage in creating valuable new connections.

Improve communication with customers

To optimize communication with customers, businesses should consider using an OmniChannel software, the first of its kind being offered by Bright Pattern. This revolutionary communication platform allows agents to easily connect with customers via phone calls, SMS, emails, and live chats, among other convenient means of communication, all without interruption. These multiple modes of communication keep things efficient, easy to use, and effective for both the agents and the customers, and the needs of the customer can be met more directly; specifically, omnichannel customer service as offered with Bright Pattern’s technology and services does not move the customer through multiple representatives, rather, the software instead provides for uninterrupted contact, resulting in a personalized, tailored experience every time. 

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to change industries and the way we live our lives, many people fear human workers could soon become obsolete. While automated systems and technology can improve a lot of our reality, companies would be remiss to forget that humans do not have to be replaced, with their work supplemented by that of virtual assistants and bots instead. 

For instance, AI can be implemented to increase the productivity of customer service contact centers, and there are opportunities for these bots of the not-so-distant future to function in capacities unsuitable for humans, such as providing around-the-clock customer service and self-service options for customers. Ensuring a place for us all down the road, companies should consider seeking artificial intelligence assistance while remembering ways to enhance safety or effectively incorporate this technology into services and resources they already offer.

A positive customer service experience makes a good impression on buyers expecting their unique needs to be addressed and prioritized, and this can easily be achieved from an AI interaction. However, a truly satisfied customer becomes most trusting of a business with a personal touch; with a combination approach to these facets of technology and human nature, customers are more likely to return and raise overall sales.

Keep consumer preferences first

Communication between agents–bot or otherwise–and customers should not only be efficient, seamless, and personalized, but business is indisputably most optimized when these channels always remain open. Customers of successful businesses consistently report that they feel comfortable voicing their satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and concerns with the products or services they received, and, while ensuring this consistency exists at nearly all times, it is also the company’s responsibility to promote comfortable forums for interaction.

In addition to considering other alternatives to total AI replacement of human employees, companies should remember the technology is also a great tool for boosting sales and ROI; models show companies can rely on AI and big data for insight into customer and consumer needs. Companies can easily make any necessary adjustments to their services based on customer feedback and insight data.

Maximize customer outreach

The bottom line comes down to this: improving the ways businesses reach out to returning and potential customers can boost their sales and increase ROI. Technological advancements have removed the geographic limitations that businesses once faced, and companies can reach global consumers and customers through the Internet on countless web and social networking sites. 

Companies, such as Weebly, The Connection, among other Fortune 1000 organizations, have experienced growth and improvements in customer service following their implementation of Bright Pattern’s OmniChannel customer communication platform, demonstrating that maximizing customer outreach and improving customer services is indisputably beneficial for companies with global reach, and companies of all sizes.

Sales and ROI of a business can make or break its operations, ideally increasing as the productivity and customer communication services of a business increases. Businesses see positive growth as they become more accessible and consumer and customer friendly.

With diverse customers comes more opportunity interaction, and companies should be ready – equipped to handle increased customer traffic and customer communications no matter how they may look today or 50 years from now

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