Dental Implants: A New Smile

Everyone wants to smile without any hesitation, but it can only be possible with the help of bright and beautiful teeth. Sometimes due to some complications, teeth get decayed, and sometimes they break due to accidental causes. 

In all scenarios, dental implants restore the smile and teeth without any further complications. As per open-source media, the average cost of dental implants in Melbourne is USD 2850. Nearly 75 per cent of the population prefers dental implants in and around Melbourne due to skilled professionals across the region.

The General Cause of Tooth Loss

  • Root canal failure
  • Tooth decay
  • Periodontitis
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Tooth injury
  • Congenital disability

What Are Dental Implants?

It is a surgical process that interfaces with the skull or the jaw to support the bridge, crown or denture. In short, it provides an orthodontic anchor and enhances the facial prosthesis. The process involves osseointegration, which includes zirconia and titanium to form the bond between the bones. The healing occurs fast in dental implants, and the procedure is less painful as well.

In recent days, a biological process has regularly been used to fuse the bone tightly towards the surface of materials such as ceramics and titanium. The implant can support the load for several years without undergoing any failure. These implants are also used for patients who have gone through cancer or any other type of severe health issues. 

Types of procedures are as follows:

Single-Tooth Restoration

It is generally used to replace an individual tooth that needs to be restored. In this process, a crown which is a part of the dental prosthesis, will be connected with the help of dental cement towards the abutment.

Fixed Bridge 

It is often done for a group of teeth that the users cannot remove, as they act as a conventional bridge to retain natural-looking teeth. The implant is generally supported by bridges attached to implant abutments similar to the single tooth implant. 

Types of Implants

Two-Stage Implants: It involves surgery that helps to place the implant close to the gum. Minor surgery will be required for the procedure that attaches and does the temporary restoration.

Endosteal Implants: This process is done in the jaw bone with the help of the endosteal. Initially, they were placed alternatively to a bridge which also acts as a removable denture.

Subperiosteal Implants: They are the metal implant that helps in the restoration. This type of procedure is rarely used today. Subperiosteal implants are used to hold dentures with bone height which are generally having insufficient height.

Advantages of the dental implant are as follows:

There are several advantages to dental implants if done by professionals, especially dental implants in Melbourne. These advantages include the following-

  • Improved appearance. They help fulfil the gaps and give a perfect look to the jawlines, hence improving the person’s appearance.
  • Improved speech. Filling the gaps in the mouth also improves the speech of people.
  • Improved comfort. Due to the gaps, sometimes people feel discomfort, but dental implants completely assure comfort.
  • Easier eating. The teeth can only give the perfect pleasure of eating; therefore, with the help of a dental implant, anyone can achieve the lost comfort.
  • Improved self-esteem. It improves self-esteem by establishing the confidence to talk from within.

The process is the most convenient and durable method, which improves looseness and helps to get good oral health. Therefore dental implants are the perfect solution to both smile and health.


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