Different Door Types Based on Styles

There are a number of different door types that are classified based on the style. Some of these doors include hinged doors, interior sliding doors, and roller doors.

Hinged Doors: These doors are the most frequently used doors in homes. The end of the door is installed on a hinge and the other end swings into the space. These types of doors can be put in as a piece or as a pre-hung door system.

Dutch Doors: These doors are easy to recognize based on their style. They will be divided horizontally and have different panels on the bottom and top. These doors can be a good choice for spaces like a cooking area. You can also use this door as a front door.

Pocket Doors: These doors have been around for a while but have just recently gotten more appeal. These doors just move in and out of the area inside the wall. These doors can be single or double.

Roller Doors: A roller door is used for a storage space or a garage, and they are also trendy for a living room. You can also use a roller door to separate the interior home from the garden or deck.

Bifold Doors: Bifold doors are hinged together and then fold into each other. These doors are usually on a track, which hangs from the top. The doors are commonly used for kitchens, closets, or utility rooms.

Interior Sliding Doors: Sliding doors can be used for areas that have a large opening, such as closets or bedrooms. These doors don’t swing open and you have to slide them on the track. Since they don’t swing open, they are also good for smaller spaces. Just a part of the opening is accessible at a time.

Pivot Doors: A pivot door will turn on two metal rotators on the top and bottom. It’s a stylish type of door and the minimalist style is a perfect addition to modern homes.

French Doors: French doors are a good choice if you are searching for something significant. These doors will be held up on hinges that are set up on each side of the opening and they swing open to each other. When both sides are opened, there is an unblocked view.

Many of these doors can be made from a number of different materials. Metal doors have been used for years and can provide a strong alternative for both interior and outdoor doors. Doors that are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) are termite resistant, lightweight, and water resistant. These doors are simple to produce and install. Glass doors are used to offer unblocked views of the garden or yard. Glass doors can be more expensive and take effort to maintain.

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