Benefits of Delray Beach Sober Living Houses

Delray Beach sober living houses can provide a number of different benefits. A sober living home can help you break the habit that forms when you are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Eliminating Risks: A sober living home can help maintain sobriety because there are no temptations. Over the counter drugs, illicit drugs, legal prescriptions, and alcohol are banned from the premises and days can be controlled so there isn’t an opportunity to relapse.

Reducing Loneliness: Those who live in sober living homes are surrounded by peers and the entire group can come together for addiction support group meetings. Roommates are also in recovery and you can help each other stay sober. This group of people can look a lot like a family and people are going through the same thing. Everyone in the home understands what it’s like to have cravings and be recovering from addiction. There is always someone available for support.

Support and Guidance of House Managers: In many Delray Beach sober living houses, there are on-site managers who live on the property with clients. These managers will help clients with any potential issues that can arise, whether they are related to recovery or not. In some cases, sober living homes will hire on past clients who have maintained years of sobriety to share their knowledge with those who are just starting out.

Reinstallation of Basic Life Skills: When you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may have not thought about doing basic life skills like making your bed and folding your laundry. With this structure, clients can relearn life skills. This includes keeping the living area tidy and clean, maintaining personal hygiene, and the importance of personal responsibility. You can also learn how to spend money wisely, pay bills and rent on time, and cook.

Allow Peace of Mind for Family: Addiction isn’t just hard on an individual, but it’s also hard on the family members. When a family member is in rehab you know they are safe, but when they get out and go back to old ways it can be a scary time.

Transition into the Real World: Sober living homes can provide a smoother transition back into the real world. A sober living home is still structured but is less structured than rehab. It also provides safeguards you may not get at home. You can slowly learn how to reenter society as a sober person.

Sober living homes are a great place to spend early recovery. It can be a bumpy road to transition from rehab back home again, but it can be done smoother and safer with the help of a sober living home. After you leave rehab, it’s important to consider this as an option.

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