Differentiating Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana Variants

This is the golden era of marijuana evolution because many countries have started withdrawing the ban on its selling fully or partially. As compared to all other intoxicants, it is very different. The cannabinoids of the cannabis plant contain both intoxicating as well as medicinal elements. Separation of these elements is only possible with the help of lab critical processing. Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol are the two major elements representing all variants of the marijuana industry. A recreational marijuana variant is completely different from the marijuana for medical purposes. Here we are explaining both of them in detail.

What is recreational marijuana

While talking about recreational marijuana, you must be aware of this fact that this kind of marijuana also contains some degree of intoxicating content. This kind of marijuana variant may have a high THC level, and you cannot justify it for medicinal use only. Of course, recreational marijuana contains medicinal properties, but it is equally intoxicating too. The high THC level can get you high on euphoria. Read the points below to understand it in detail.

  1. You can buy this variant of marijuana from any authorized outlet. All variants of marijuana are recreational, but the levels of intoxication differ.
  2. Selling of recreational marijuana is not legal in many countries because of its THC content.
  3. There is no need for the recommendation by doctors to buy Recreational Marijuana in Orange County.
  4. Only an adult can buy recreational varieties of marijuana. The age of consumption may vary from country to country i.e., 18 to 21.

Post consumption impacts of recreational marijuana

  1. It uplifts the feeling of joy and euphoria that ultimately leads to relaxation.
  2. Your appetite will dramatically increase.
  3. Craving for sweet things.
  4. It makes you slow and dizzy.
  5. Judgment becomes difficult after getting too high.
  6. Become overly suspicious and anxiety.
  7. Keeps you laughing in every kind of situation.
  8. Difficult to remember things after a few minutes.
  9. Too much talkative.
  10. Bloodshot eyes.

What is medical marijuana

As the name illustrates, these variants of marijuana are only meant for medicinal purposes. There is a complete lab process to obtain medical-grade marijuana by separating its cannabinoids. Only the CBD part of marijuana plants are useful for medicinal purposes. CO2 extraction, Ethanol solvent extraction, and olive oil extraction are some of the most common processes to obtain pure CBD from a marijuana plant. The features of medical marijuana differ from recreational marijuana. Here are some points to understand them in detail.

  1. It contains a high amount of CBD and very few traces of THC.
  2. Medical marijuana is safe for consumption without any kind of intoxicating impact.
  3. You cannot find pure medical marijuana without lab processing. It is necessary to separate the THC cannabinoids before using it as medicine.
  4. It is a useful topical element that one can utilize for pain relief.
  5. Medical marijuana is also helpful in curing several mental illnesses.
  6. You need a written recommendation by a doctor to buy a medical variant of marijuana because of the different CBD percentages.
  7. It is legally valid in most countries, even where other variants of marijuana are completely banned.

Post consumption impacts of medical marijuana

  1. You will feel instant relief from physical pain
  2. It relaxes your mind without any high impact.
  3. Relief from anxiety and depression.

These points clearly differentiate between medical and recreational marijuana of OC. If a doctor recommends it, always confirm that there must be no trace of THC intoxicant.

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