Easy Guide To How To Teach A Dog Roll Over

Having a fluffy munchkin at home is happiness beyond comparison. The tiny rails wagging around you can take away all the sadness and depression coming your way. Welcoming them into your lives and making them a part of it just comes as natural. You treat them like your kids and try to give them a decent life ahead. All the moments you share with your animal friends are priceless and you wouldn’t trade them for anything. Don’t you love it when theyperform their cute tricks around you? It makes you want to teach them more and more every time. How about teaching them a roll over this time?

Here, we have some tips that will help you if you want to know how to teach a dog roll over:

  • Teach your dog to lie down:

Before your fluff learns to roll over, it needs to understand what lying down means. To teach your dog to lie down, you need to keep some treats in handy which will make it listen to you better. Let the dog lick or smell the treat in your hand and start to lower your hand slowly to the ground. Once they have stooped down, bring the treat closer to you so that the dog comes closer as well and lies down. Once they do this, you can treat them and praise them. Also, make sure you use a carpet or soft surface for your dog to perform over.

Try this without a treat the next time. And control them with your voice and treat them later for listening to you. All this would take a lot of practice to achieve so patience is required.

  • Teach them to lean to a side and then move onto back:

Next step is to make them lean to their either side. This can be done by taking a treat from their nose to their shoulders which would put them in a side-lying position. Repeat this 4-5 times so that they understand the position properly and then reward them. Once they are lying to their side, you can easily teach them to move on to their back using the treat. They might get it wrong the first few times but keep encouraging them.

  • Try without a treat:

If your fluff is able to perform the trick without a treat now, you are almost there. You have to treat them after a few rounds through to keep them interested. Try to get them into action just by your command this time. Use your hands to make them understand what you are asking for and repeat the practice if needed and treat them later.

Using the above steps can surely teach your dog to roll over perfectly after some practices of course. Be patient andlead the process with utmost love and care. Happy learning!

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