Eight Features of a Perfect House in Brooklyn

A perfect home has everything you need and eliminates the complexities in your life. The best house is composed of basic features that provide satisfaction regardless of your location and the size of your house. However, not all homes are perfect and they could lack some elements of an ideal home. Your ideal home expresses the true you. If you can renovate your current home or purchase one of the best homes for sale in Brooklyn, here are some essentials you need to keep in mind:

Single Level

A single-level house is easy to maintain. If you own a house with just one level, you don’t have to haul an extension ladder to get to the second level. With this house, everything is within your reach when it’s time to clean, do repairs, or paint. You can safely and quickly get maintenance chores done. Also, differences in temperatures are reduced due to a lack of downstairs and upstairs. This can decrease stress on your HVAC system and guarantee your comfort in whichever room you prefer to be in. 

Taller Ceilings

An ideal home has nine-foot ceilings as these can open up the interiors without increasing square footage. The comfort these ceilings can generate is something a lower ceiling cannot offer. If your home currently has eight-foot ceilings, you may choose to stick to them. However, you have the option to go taller once you add on. 


A lot of homeowners appreciate a southern exposure for some reason. For instance, windows that face south allow sunlight to come in in winter. Also, planting trees against such windows allows your home to stay cooler in summer. Sunlight can improve moods and chase away winter unhappiness. Also, southern exposure allows houseplants and garden plants to thrive. 

Outdoor Living Space

Spending time in the outdoors is both enjoyable and healthy. According to studies, being outdoors minimizes the levels of stress hormones known as cortisone. In addition, outdoor living spaces like decks and patios can improve your home’s curb appeal and functionality. 

Maximum Insulation

While this important feature is not visible, it can be felt. Maximizing home insulation lowers energy requirements and maintains indoor temperature stability. 

Functional and Long-Lasting Furniture

When furnishing your house, you must pick pieces that look good and serve a functional purpose. You will want to invest in furniture that lasts for several years and saves you money down the road. Also, getting durable furniture will help minimize waste and keep your house looking beautiful and stylish for a lot of years. From sturdy sofas to solid wood tables, having functional furniture in your house must be one of your priorities. 

Ventilated Rooms

Your house must radiate good energy and a well-ventilated living room is ideal. Proper ventilation is essential for various reasons. By dealing with the moisture inside your house, you keep the floors, walls, furniture, and ceilings dry. Proper ventilation may help eliminate odors and keep your living space smelling good. 

Good Storage

If your house is like most homes, it may have plenty of hidden storage spaces you have not used. Maxing out your home’s storage capacity will help you have the ideal house you have been dreaming of. 

Ergonomic Features

These days, more contractors are incorporating universal design when building homes. While this design is usually related to mobility problems, it is a smart design that functions for all. For instance, a doorway that is 36 inches to 42 inches wide may make your daily life easier. Also, using levers rather than doorknobs eliminates awkward twisting. With a curbless shower, you avoid possible trips and falls.

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