Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Threading

What to Know About Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading has become extremely popular over the years. Although, threading has commonly become the last option for eyebrow maintenance due to the assumed pain level. This has been the most common method in Asia for as long as beauty gurus can remember. Here are a few tips on what to expect when it comes to threading.

The actual threading process consists of a very talented rubbing of cotton thread over each follicle of hair while plucking. This may sound unethical and slightly painful but the results surely overpower the temporary pain. The majority say that their threading results seem to last slightly longer than that of those that are waxing and plucking.

The actual pain from a threading session can be intensified through anxiety or nervousness. The best thing to do to help soothe the initial pain is to completely relax. If the anticipation is too great then it is perfectly ethical to ask the technician to thread the baby hairs or peach fuzz from the back of the neck area. Arm hair is also a common area for test strips the same with waxing. However, the neck area is more sensitive so it is more realistic to test in that area.

Eyebrow threading is actually the most precise method. Even the smallest hairs are pulled from their follicles. The best thing about this method is the amount of control over which hair strands are affected. This allows for the most defined eyebrows which, is always the goal.

It’s nice to be able to neatly tweeze brows biweekly. The best timeframe for reshaping eyebrows is every four to six weeks. And, that depends on each individual of course. Plucking unwanted hairs at home can help prevent the thinning of the brow structure.

The estimated time frame for threading is anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes from start to finish. The price range is pretty decent too. Threading can actually range from $25 to $50 depending on location, techs, salon specialty and tips of course. Considering the extended, allotted time frame for maintenance is extended then there is room for saving money.

The expected pain level has been discussed but it is safe to say that the actual pulling is tugging is at a minimal. There is no straining of the skin because the threading is much neater and less intensive than the other methods. There may be minor redness or soreness around the hairline after a threading session. The technician usually ends each session with some type of aloe vera gel. This gel mixture leaves a sleek finished look and also calms any irritation caused by the thread. The cooling sensation is a nice added plus. What better way to cool of an irritated area other than a cool, tingling feeling being rubbed on the same area?

There are a few concoctions and natural remedies that help soothe the eyebrow area. There is Aloe Vera, Rose Water, and Tea Tree Gel. All of these remedies remove redness and calm the irritated area. Mostly, the gels are stored in room temperature and some even refrigerate them overnight.

Threading is definitely the goto for smaller areas such as facial hair. For larger areas waxing is recommended. Laser hair removal is also an option for larger areas as well. Threading is quick, easy, neat, almost painless and also cost-effective. The results are always loved and very precise. The slight pain is actually worth it. Beauty is pain and pain is beauty. Go ahead and make an appointment for perfectly threaded eyebrows! There’s no going back after a good threading session!

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