Horse Riding Tips & Tricks

So you’ve decided to head to Park City and look for some horse riding guides. Before you pick the best one for you, you should know a few tips and tricks about horse riding.

Safety First!

Any good horse riding guide will tell you that wearing a helmet is an absolute necessity. In the event that you fall off a horse, having a helmet on could be the difference between a minor and a major injury. Remember, safety first!

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Riding is super fun, and when you’re first learning, it’s easy to become distracted. You’re dealing with a living, breathing creature who may behave unpredictably. You’ll learn how to know”horse talk” better as you advance, but keep your eyes open and be conscious of your horse, other horses around you, along with the surroundings. Your feet (and pride) will probably be more happy for it.

Protect your Feet!

When you contact your favorite Park City horse riding guide, they’re going to recommend some proper footwear. Don’t take your vans shoes because they won’t offer any protection. Consider some boots to ensure both comfort and safety.

How to Ride: Step by Step

1.Your horse riding guide will hold the horse for you as you get on.
2.Check the snugness of your saddle.
3.Stand on the horse’s left side before hopping on.
4.Loosely hold the ends of the reins in your left hand, just in front of the saddle.
5.Put your left foot in the stirrup. Make sure the ball of your foot is on the stirrup vs. sticking your foot all the way through to the heel.
6.Put your weight on your left foot and from standing positions pop up.
7.Swing your right leg up and over the horse’s back.
8.Gently sit down in the saddle.
9.Adjust your stirrups to the proper length, or have your horse riding guide do it for you.
10.Put your right foot in the other stirrup and center your foot over the stirrup.
11.High five your horse riding guide, because you are ready to go!

Rocky Mountain Outfitters has professional horse riding guides in the Park City area.

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