Spring Tips to Prepare your Landscaping

It’s spring time in Salt Lake City and that means it’s time to hire a landscaper. TerraWorks in Salt Lake City is your go-to landscaper if you’re looking for high quality at a great price. Below are a few tips to get your yard prepared today. Want to add a little spice to it? Call TerraWorks today.

Clean up that Yard!

Your spring preparations should start with a thorough lawn cleanup. One of the first things you should do is remove debris that has deposited in your yard over the course of the cold season. The winds and precipitation of winter brings lots of unwanted dirt into your yard. A good landscaper can fix all of these issues. Ensure you put on a thick pair of gloves in case any sharp branches or items which have found their way in your yard via a winter storm.

Rake Up those Leaves!

Then, break out the rake. Every good landscaper knows that this is step one to building a beautiful yard. It is time to eliminate the leaves which you missed in the fall or those that possess blown-in over the winter we’ve had. While you’re raking the yard, you will also want to eliminate pine-cones, acorns, twigs, and branches. Raking will also break up and reinvigorate the clumped plants.

Change Out Your Mulch

Mulching improves plant health by assisting to control moisture absorption by the plants and by preventing weeds. Mulch is a landscaper’s saving grace. Mulch helps moisture control by consuming water from heavy rains and releasing it over time. Mulch prevents weeds from growing by keeping them weighted down. Before you employ new mulch, be sure to eliminate the aged. And it’s a good idea to watch for your plants to sprout up, that way you know exactly where they are and don’t cover them and prevent them from growing.

Use Good Fertilizer

Fertilizing gives your plants nourishment to grow strong and healthy. You should fertilize shortly after or before a light rain if you’re able to. It’s a landscaper’s dream to get free water from the spring sky. You might even apply pre-emergent herbicide in the exact same moment. Pre-emergent herbicide prevents weeds, but be careful, it works by stopping all seeds from growing, which includes grass seed. So, don’t use pre-emergent herbicide if you are seeding edible plants, and be cautious about spreading it around your flower beds or other landscaped areas.

TerraWorks in Salt Lake City has all of your landscaping needs. Turn that dull dry garden into a lush paradise!

TerraWorks is a high quality landscaper in the Salt Lake City area.

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