Hotels: Second home for adventure seekers

We can easily observe the smile on one’s face when he listens to the word trips. In this pandemic period as everyone is quite tired with daily monotonous routine by doing all the work within the four walls. Everyone wants a break. Trips make one’s life exciting and fun. Let it be a trip with family or let it be with friends. The best part is that one can sit back and relax and enjoy without any tensions of deadlines or submissions. This is what everyone wants a trip to rejuvenate and make his mind relaxed and be comfortable and enjoy every single moment of his life. Trips are like making one’s depressed life make a comeback. Trips are really important in one’s life. Exploring new cities, monuments, cultures, and food is needed in one’s life.

The most important thing about the trip to make it memorable and fun is to choose the best hotel. Hotel for one’s trip should feel like a second home to him, best food, good environment, friendly nature of the staff, and the best amenities are certain criteria to make his a fantastic one. Also, greenery and trees all around the hotel are needed. As the tourist has arrived from a polluted and dirty environment where he cannot find peace in his life.

There are various hill stations or tourist attractions in our country. Apart from Shimla, Manali, and Gangtok, The name and fame of Coorg have been widely increasing daily. One can easily see a large increase in the number of tourists from the year before. So therefore it is necessary to increase hotels and resorts in the beautiful hill stations of Karnataka.

Based on the reasons mentioned above one should look for the best resorts in Coorg that provide all the facilities.

Resorts and hotels for one’s stay are really important as they are a new home for the traveler to spend his time there and have both a good rest and give his next day a great head start.

So here are some tips to look for if one is looking for hotels and resorts during his trip.

1.First of all to ensure the safety of both the luggage and the traveler is the most important part. One should look for hotels that have a well-established closed-circuit television that is a CCTV camera on every corner of the hotel.

One should also look for a watchman or security guard to ensure more safety and protection.

2.Secondly the most basic and necessary thing that one should look for while booking a hotel is that the hotel or resort has 24 hours running water. Suppose if a tourist has gone to a beach and taken a bath in the sea and when he arrives back to have a bath and clean all his body and get rid of sand and dust and he finds no water in the tap. What will the tourists do? Hotels or resorts that don’t provide 24/7 water should be avoided.

3.Providing quality and fresh food to his customer is also one of the key factors to checklist one’s hotel. Food should be edible and should not have a foul smell.

4.Friendly and helping staff is also what one should look for. If a manager is rude and doesn’t behave properly then we should avoid that hotel. And obviously if one is traveling to a different state or a country one should look for a hotel whose staff understand tourist language.

  1. Locations can also add up to the list. A hotel present in the locality where all the things let it be food or being any item or that is near to attractions should be chosen. It will save both money and time for the tourist.
  1. A Greenery and Eco-friendly environment is also really important to look for one’s stay. As at least for a few days everyone wants to live in a peaceful and pollution-free environment and relax.

7.One should also look for the review written by another tourist who has already stayed at the hotel. If the reviews are not up to the mark one can avoid and look for a better option than the previous one.

8.Rooms should be checked properly whether it is cleaned and room service is proper. Necessary check for toilet cleaning and should have pure drinking water.Wifi speed is also needed to be checked too.

9.One of the most important and key factors is that the hotel or resort one is looking for is budget-friendly.If the tourist has the budget to spend on a hotel during his trip to be around ten thousand and he is giving a visit to a hotel that will cost him twenty thousand then it will not worth it and should be avoided.

10.One should also ask a manager for flexible check-out and check-in timings, this problem may look small but can create lots of havoc.

11.Taxi services for visiting local tourist attractions should be present and parking space for cars for the visitors should also add up to the list for the stay in the hotel.

These are some tips to look for the best resorts in Coorg or any other tourist place.

Having adapted to the environment of the hotel or resort in the tourist place is very necessary. Having a swimming pool, jacuzzi, massage parlor and canteen on the premises will also help in boosting up one’s stay in the hotel.

Looking for a place which is completely comfortable for all the age groups that are young to old.

Therefore, in conclusion, journeys are needed for self-time which is a demand for any individual. These trips are considered a vacation from reality. A meaningful journey also delivers the benefit of relaxation from all the difficulties one is facing in their life and makes life a meaningful one. Hotels and Trip go hand in hand both of them are incomplete without each other. It is like two sides of the same coin.

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