How Do I Build an ADA Ramp Slope at Home?

Whether you’re thinking about building a ramp for a loved one at home or doing it for a fellow neighbor, it’s natural to wonder where to start. Like many people, your primary concern could be about staying compliant with ADA codes. We’ll share with you knowledgeable tips on how to get started with your project.

Who Will Use the Ramp?

Before you begin to build or even acquire the materials, think hard about who will be using the ramp. Will it primarily be just the resident or several people? Do they use a wheelchair, cane, or crutches? Will their mobility needs change over time? Asking defined questions like these will help you see the big picture of your project’s end goal. 

Measure the Home Entry and Area Space

Make note of the home entry’s location and the area of space you are working with. It has everything to do with the shape of the ramp you will build. Remember, your ramp will need to follow ADA ramp slope measurement regulations. The area of space will have to accommodate the required width, height, and slope incline of the ramp as it ascends from the ground to the home entry point. Take care of planning around landscaping obstacles too, like trees, ponds, and buildings. 

Mind the Slope

We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again – the ramp slope is everything. The angle, width, and incline of the ramp is the primary goal of your project. It will impact the expense and materials of your project a great deal, so ensure that your costs will go the ramp first. Then you can focus on everything else. The ramp must be accessible and easy to use for the resident to accommodate their needs. 

Check Local Building Codes

The ADA guidelines aren’t the only source to consider for building your project. Review the building codes in your town and county, too. One technicality may be fine according to the ADA but might not be for your town’s building codes. Familiarize yourself with the latest updates too, because some building codes change from year to year. You may want to start by calling your town or county center. Asking questions is one of the best ways to learn. 

A Rewarding Experience

Building an ADA ramp slope for a friend or family member is hard work, but very rewarding. When you see a smile on their face, you’ll know that everything was worth it in the end. Looking for more ADA ramp slope advice? Contact our knowledgeable staff today. We’ll help you identify problems and solutions for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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