5 Ways on How High-Quality SEO Services Can Improve Customer Experience for the Finance Industry


SEO is one of the initial important steps when financial services try to market them on the internet. SEO is a proven way of generating web traffic and can help generate a major stream of revenue. As personalization and customer experience are important to Financial Services brands, it is important that SEO for the finance industry is tailored to understand potential customers’ search habits.

Hiring SEO company can help in multiple ways to boost the overall customer experience and give them exactly what they are looking for. Let’s explore in more detail how these services can help.

1. Smart Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is among the major building blocks for any SEO strategy and the Finance Industry is not an exception either. It helps you understand what your prospects are searching for. According to stats, around 50% of the searches related to this industry involve long-tail keywords – key phrases that include four words or more. So, a reliable SEO service provider will make sure that they never skip these long-tail keywords and the business website is visible in search engines for such keywords. When a website shows on top of SERPs, users a more likely to land on those pages and get exactly what they were looking for.

2. Creating Valuable Content

Content marketing – distributing relevant content like blogs, infographics, videos, etc. to the target audience – can play a vital role for business websites to achieve a higher rank. Google uses the content shared on a website for determining the experts and thought leaders in any industry. It also ranks websites that offer real value to their visitors and ensure a great customer experience. So, when you keep producing quality content, you not only rank higher in SERPs, but you are also serving your customers exactly what they are looking for and hence a better overall customer experience.

3. Creating Mobile-Friendly And Secure Websites

High-quality SEO services help build mobile-friendly and secure websites to ensure they rank higher in SERPs and also give a better customer experience overall. With around 60% of all the online searches being initiated from mobiles, making websites mobile-friendly and secure can be vital to the overall customer experience. Besides, integrating SSL security is a must with advanced SEO today and it also helps protect customers’ important data shared when they interact with a website.

4. Interlinking Content For Better Discoverability

Internal linking is still a cornerstone of on-page SEO even today. Internal links help connect multiple pages on a company’s own website. It helps search engines to crawl your web pages on priority. According to Google, the pages that have lots of internal links are ‘more important’.

On the other hand, interlinking can also be a great way of helping your customers find your website content that is less popular and isn’t usually visible in search engines. This content can still be very important to your customers, however. So, pointing them in that direction and making content more discoverable can always help with customer experience.

5. Improve Page Speed

The speed at which your web pages load really matters and Google considers it so important that it uses it as a ranking factor. But page load speed is not just important to Google only, it is important for your customers too. According to a Google survey, websites that load slowly cause frustration among users and they quickly navigate away from slow web pages. That said, it’s highly likely they might end up on a competitor’s website. So, it’s best to invest in quality SEO and improve page speed for a better customer experience.

So, investing in SEO can always pay off both in terms of customer experience and higher search engine rankings. Customer experience matters a lot and should be given top priority. For more detailed information visit redwingsmarketing.ie.

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