How Do You Plan a Baby Shower?

Hosting an event is not only fun and exciting but also challenging. After all, you want everything to be perfect and fantastic. And when it comes to events like baby showers, you have to consider the personality of the mom-to-be and remain organised. Additionally, you will have to consider the venue, location and other details. Also, remember not to include the mum-to-be in the organising and planning because she is the special guest. But you can discuss details like the guest list with her. So, you can go through this checklist, which will help you to plan a baby shower.

1. Choose a Time and Date

You must discuss the potential dates with the mom-to-be. And generally, showers are held six weeks before the due date. As such, there are many reasons for hosting a baby shower before birth. One such reason is that your special guest will have a sufficient amount of time to set up the nursery and sort through her presents. She can also shop if any required items are missing. What’s more, she can gain emotional support and have a pleasant time before the baby is born. As such, it is crucial for her to relax and enjoy the shower. Meanwhile, the popular days for hosting a shower are Saturday and Sunday afternoons. And you can select the date and time according to the preference of the mum-to-be.

2. Decide on a Location

Before deciding on a location, you must consider the budget, weather and the number of guests. Meanwhile, if the mum-to-be wants the event to be comfortable and private, you can host it in her house. It can be a convenient option, but you must remember to not cause stress to the mum-to-be by all the intensive preparations. You can also look for a restaurant or cafe with a garden view and spa for some relaxing time. Besides, you can search for a party venue or host it outdoors.

3. Pick a Theme

Although a theme is not necessary, you can take the opinion of the mum-to-be. And if she agrees, you can choose a theme that celebrates the new baby and reflects her personality. You can have theme ideas like a tiny gentleman, stroller, superheroes, fairytale etc. Besides, if you want to reveal the gender of the baby, you can discuss it with the mom-to-be and pick a theme accordingly.

4. Create the Guest List to Send Invitations

In case you have an adequate budget and venue space, you can decide the number of guests accordingly. Plus, you must not miss guests that are important to the mum-to-be. As such, conventional baby showers include male friends, unlike the traditional ones that were strictly for ladies. In the meantime, you can either send electronic or print invites, so you must know the contact details and the name of every guest.

5. Organise Decorations

When you plan a baby shower, you must begin brainstorming different decoration ideas. You can allow the food table to be the centre of attention. And you can handpick balloons, pennant banners, streamers, serving platters and a table cloth that matches the theme and looks elegant.

6. Plan Some Baby Shower Games

You can create memories for the mom-to-be by planning some exciting games for the baby shower. You can talk to her if she would like to play some games for the celebration. And you can consider the amount of time you want to spend on the games and purchase the prizes for the winners.

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