Men and Women’s Cologne: Finding the Right One When Buying Online

Online shopping is the most convenient and cost-effective way of getting your favourite brands. You do not have to go through the hassle of parking and lining up at the cashier. If you are in luck, you might even get discounted merchandise. Fragrances are one of the products that are highly sought after online. Both women’s and men’s cologne online can easily be delivered to you with just a few clicks of a button. Although both genders can use most colognes, some fragrances have a more feminine take on them, while others have a more masculine aroma. This article contains information on how you can differentiate between the different kinds of cologne to help you choose what to buy online.

Women’s cologne

In general, most colognes for women have a floral scent since flowers are typically associated with women. As such, you will see a lot of women perfumes showcasing jasmine, gardenia, or rose scent. There are also a lot of women’s products that feature fruity undertones like apple or citrus.

Men’s cologne

On the other hand, most men’s colognes offer earthy undertones like pine. Additionally, musky scents are often associated with men’s perfume. A lot of people find musk to be rich and sensual. Some companies even market this scent as something that can drive women mad.

Another aroma that is commonly marketed as men’s cologne online offers an aquatic scent. It can make users smell like they have just bathed. There are also products for men that feature a hint of sage or rosemary as top tone to give the cologne a fresher scent.

Unisex fragrances

At the end of the day, you have to limit yourself to labels. Women can choose from men’s brands if they prefer a musky scent. Some women say that wearing men’s cologne makes them smell clean and fresh. Some women also go for men’s cologne online because they are not as intense as those with flowery fragrance. Similarly, guys can pick women’s brands if they want to.

Different types of cologne

After choosing between men’s or women’s colognes, the next choice you will face is the amount of oil concentration you want in your merchandise. The general rule is that the higher the amount of oil in the fragrance, the longer the scent will stick. The product which has the highest amount of oil concentration is called eau de parfum. This kind of cologne usually features 15-20% of oil and can last for six hours. It is also the most expensive since it is long-lasting. Meanwhile, eau de toilette offers a subtler scent since it only has 10-15% oil concentration. Finally, a fragrance product labelled as eau de cologne has a 5% concentration and can only last for two hours.

Aside from these typical classifications, there are also cologne-like products called splash, often used by men after shaving. Because they only contain about 1% oil concentration, their scent stays for less than an hour.

Nowadays, you need not go to an outlet store to get a nice-smelling cologne. Choices for these merchandise are endless. Like in physical stores, most online sections for colognes are divided between men and women products. You may go with what is traditionally fit for your gender or opt for something less conventional. Let your personal preference guide you as you make your decision; you are the one wearing it after all.

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