How Rental Managers Determine a Good Short Term Rental Property


Real estate is a very lucrative and attractive business for many. This can serve as a main source of income or as a passive income in addition to your full-time job. The evolution of rental made it possible for short-term rental properties to be a good business.

Other people do not have time to watch over their properties and attend to the needs and other things needed in a rental business. This is where rental managers come in. They take in several factors into consideration for the short-term rental potential.

Local economy

Is the local economy favorable for short-term rentals? Are there several tourist destinations around?

What are the industries in the area? This will determine if short-term rental will make it.

Rental expenses

Having a rental place is a good investment because you can lease it or use if for your own. Another thing to consider is the expenses in a rental such as property taxes, insurance, and other similar things.

Right location

This is a very important factor. Some locations are highly in-demand and can yield higher profits for short-term rental. As a rental manager, you have to check the real estate market and know the trend in the industry.

When you have the right location, the next thing to take care of is how to make the short-term rental property appealing to your target market.

Target market

Who are the people that you are targeting? Some people prefer to still stay in hotels while the younger generation prefers local rentals and a home away from home.

Cost of living

It is important to find out the average rental in an area, taxes, fees, and utilities cost. These things can give you an idea of how you can capture a target market.

Data analytics

This is a fast way to determine if a rental property is good. Short term rental data and analytics can provide the necessary information needed. These analyses can determine and give ideas about pricing, marketing, and occupancy. You can get an idea if the area is good for short-term rental.

Why data analytics is important

The property must be safe and the clients must also be comfortable.  However, as a rental manager, you probably have a lot to take care of and you cannot do them all at the same time. Having data analysis will make things move faster such as any subletting and short-term rental.

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