How to Choose the Best industrial control panel manufacturers

Industrial control panels are an assembly of two or more power circuits, control circuits, or a combination of these components.

Some companies will need a specific type of electromechanical design and application needs. These include cable assemblies, panels, terminal blocks, and enclosures.

Industrial control panel manufacturers

They are the ones that are involved in the manufacturing of assembled electrical control panels. If you are looking for one, you will want one that has a UL 508A safety certification label. There are a lot of companies that have this certification. Some even operate from small garage areas while others are the big companies.  Aside from the certification that is needed, knowledge and skill mak the industrial control panel manufacturers different from each other.

Types of Control Panel Manufacturer

There are different industrial control panel manufacturers depending on what their focus is. If you are looking for one, then know the right type.

Equipement manufacturers

Their main business is producing equipment for a particular marker. Some may require control panels while others do not.

Electrical control panel

These manufacturers do not sell parts or install control panels. They are into manufacturing control panels.

Electrical parts distributors

Their primary function is to distribute parts so they sell the parts that they distribute. Some sell not well-known brands so they can also provide services to assemble control panels.

Electrical contractors

They are in charge of installing electricals and wirings that connect the control panels.

Control system integrators

They are the ones that implement new control systems and focus more on software.

Choosing the best manufacturer

You only want the best supplier for your business. Here are some of the parameters to use when selecting a leading manufacturer of a control panel in the industry.

Design and Engineering

The plan may look good in paper but you can always expect that problems will arise during production. It is why the design must have an experienced engineering department.  The engineers will check the designs for manufacturing integrity and functioning and trace any possible problems that might be encountered.

Good supply chain management

There are a lot of components that make up a control panel so you have to choose someone who has good logistics manpower. It is hard to build something if you lack parts. When you are partnered with a good partner, you can be sure your business will go a long way.

ISO Certified

One of the best ways to identify a good manufacturer is that if they are ISO-certified. It is not easy to comply with ISO requirements and being certified means that they were able to meet the quality and standards when it comes to design, production, and quality. You can expect that you only get a high-quality control panel.

HELTRONICS is one of the leading companies in the control panel industry. They only deliver the highest quality and you can expect that the assembly they manufacture meets the highest standards. They can provide you with an estimate depending on what you are looking for.

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