How to choose the best armored company?

In an extremely volatile region, an armored car is very essential. It is built in a manner that it can offer highest level of safety to the occupants from any kind of attack. Civilian armored vehicles such as Audi A8, Toyota Camry XLE V6, Mercedes Benz S600, Cadillac Escalade ESV, etc preferred choices for armored vehicles. There are many additions made to interior armor to offer superior safety. Customers for these cars range from CEOs, government officials to celebrities, politicians, or any non-governmental organizations that operate in dangerous and violent parts of the region.

Selecting the right car also depends on the best company you choose and you need to keep below innumerable tips in mind while selecting the suitable company and vehicle.

Safety comes first

High level of violence or attacks may appear to important personnel such as bureaucrats, politicians, celebrities, VIPs, etc. Stay away from dangerous threats by choosing the right kind of ballistic protection and other safety features.

First of all you need to understand how an armored vehicle is made. It is designed by replacing the original windows with bulletproof glass and heavy armor plate underneath. The makers usually leave the exterior look of the vehicle same, so that it doesn’t seem suspicious.  In most cases, ballistic stainless steel or bulletproof composites are used to reinforce the whole body of the car.

Other safety features to consider are bulletproof tires, run-flat tires, automated fire extinguishers, explosion-resistant energy storage tank, alarm systems, and smoke-screen generator, etc.

Seek expert advice

Before negotiating a deal, consider taking help from experts or you can also ask for reference from your friends or family who has got armored vehicle from themselves. Take guidance from experts who can let you know about the technologically advanced cars, which can withstand any kind of threats.


With the demand for armored vehicles are increasing by every passing day, many manufactures are getting to this business. Though some makes like Mercedes Benz can produce factory-made armored vehicles, most armored vehicles come from specialists. These are made to safeguard the passengers from bullet shots, grenade assault, and so on.

You need to check with the firm whether or not they can tailor the protection as per your taste. Pay attention to their website to understand the process of car purchase.

Known for its quality of product, Troy Armoring Company strives on the craftsmanship, without compromising any safety features. Whether you need a standard armored vehicle or upgraded version, the firm can customize it as per your needs.

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