How to choose the Right Paving Material for Your Project


Nowadays, there are plenty of choices when you need to choose the paving material, but first you need to determine what purpose the pavers will be serving. Secondly, the kind of stone that fits your style and the type of landscape you wish to have. If it is an outdoor living space or stratco patio just about any style of patio will do. However, if you are looking for a driveway, you must choose pavers in Melbourne that have appropriate aspect ratio or thickness; in other words they must be thick or solid enough to bear the weight of a vehicle.

For example, concrete pavers are the ultimate choice for a wood deck or concrete patio. They are not only easy to maintain, but durable as well, providing different looks, from modern to rustic.

Here are a few useful tips to consider when choosing the right paver material:

  • Take a good look at few samples

This is one of the first steps to choosing the perfect pavers in Melbourne. Most of the reputed companies are happy to send you their best samples, and make sure you get maximum of them. That way you get several options to choose from. But remember to properly examine the stone when it is dry and wet. You will find drastic change.

  • Thick or thin

As mentioned earlier, you need to decide where you plan to lay the stone. For e.g. if you are looking for the garden area, then 25mm depth stone is good enough for walking but then it will not be able to withstand the car weight. So, if you are planning to build a driveway, you would certainly need stones with 40mm of depth or more.

  • Smooth or texture

In has been seen that riven stone is a cheaper option or variety and suits many situations, provided that you focus on selecting the right tone. It is a personal choice, whether you prefer more contemporary look or an old antique look? Either ways, a good homework is required. Especially when you choose smoother stones which are sealed after they are laid, in order to prevent staining.

  • Concrete or natural stone

This can be one of the most difficult parts to make a decision as there are similar number of people who prefer both or one out of the other on an equal basis. Natural stones undoubtedly have a much better aesthetic and visual appeal, but a good variety of concrete products does offer better value for the money spent. And the best part is – it is relatively both cheap as well as durable.

Though a lot of things depend on personal preference and choice, right from texture to color to a whole lot of other elements, you just need to plan out things in full detail. An optimum along with a great balance of all the elements can help down to narrow down your choice for the right paving stone for your requirement.

If you are looking for exquisite variety of all types of pavers in Melbourne, choose Better Exteriors. They stock a wide range of paving and cope in all these products, though they specialize in tailoring stone dimensions as well as surface finishes to any type of project, both commercial and domestic.

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