How to Decorate with a Chrome Framed Mirror  

A chrome framed mirror is a chameleon in the decorating world. At first glance, any accessory with a shiny metallic—especially chrome—finish may seem suited only for ultra-modern or industrial designs. But with the right application, any mirror can enhance almost any décor. You can opt to make a statement with or play down this modern metallic according to size, shape and placement.

Light a Room with Mirrors

Mirrors do more than provide a reflection for checking your morning’s grooming skills. They add a lot to a space from a design perspective. They are frequently used to bounce more light into a dark or small room, making it look brighter or larger. To take the best advantage of this trick, place a mirror directly across from a window or behind a lamp. Either placement will make a room appear brighter thanks to the reflected light. Due to its bright finish, a chrome framed mirror provides even more reflective space than one with a wooden or painted frame. That means you get more mirror bang for your buck. If you really crave illumination, try arranging a variety of framed or unframed mirrors around the room; the light will travel from one mirror to another, creating more patterns of reflected light.

Go Glam

If you’re looking to add a touch of glam to your décor, try hanging an oversized chrome mirror near a special piece of furniture you’d like to highlight, such as an antique bar or a grouping of vintage-style club chairs. The mirror’s extra size will also bring extra attention to whatever it’s placed near. What better way to show off that Hollywood Regency or Art Deco piece you scored at the tag sale?

Bring Balance to a Group

Most of the items adorning a wall are square or rectangular. When designing a wall grouping, it’s important to vary the shapes and sizes of accessories to create a sense of harmony in the overall look. Try mixing in one or more round chrome mirrors to add balance and give the eye a place to rest while enjoying a collection of photos or art pieces.

Make a Statement

If you really want to make a room say wow, consider the impact a door-sized chrome framed mirror would make propped up against a feature wall. Use one as a dressing mirror or headboard in a bedroom or display one horizontally to liven up a dull hallway. And remember, you don’t need a ton of space to design with an oversized accessory. When placed in a small room, a grand mirror creates the illusion of more square footage.

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