How to Decorate Your Bedroom Wall

Your bedroom is the best place to refresh and restart. It is a paradise of your own. A bedroom is where you start a new day and give it a goodbye. Don’t you think the bedroom needs your attention and effort for a beautiful and uplifting look? If you are willing to do up your bedroom and looking for some workable wall decoration ideas, we have some excellent suggestions to solve your problem.

The challenge to deck up your bedroom is to add a unique character that reflects your personality and taste while creating a strong feel of energy. Honestly speaking, there are plethora of inspiring ideas from wooden shelves to wall paintings to suit every personality, style and pocket.

Framed Prints

Aesthetic wall decoration completes the look of your bedroom interior. Hang some of your favorite family photos on the wall to give it a personal touch. Framed prints are also a solid idea to complement other characters of your bedroom. Your bedroom is a representative of your inner self. So take time to decide on what can spread charm throughout the interior.

Beach Painting

A bedroom is your last refuge to seek comfort. Keeping it cool and calm will help you catch comfort and sleep easily and early. Paint a seaside beach or lake to create a calming ambience.

Canvas Art

Compose a canvas art and hang stripped canvases on the wall. Fill the artworks with colors that go well with your comforter and cushion covers.

Canvas Prints

Lend a personal touch to your bedroom decoration by creating striking canvas prints. Make a collage of small and large canvases to add a diverse effect to the gallery composition.

Inspiring Quotes

Why not start your day on an inspiring note? Collect encouraging phrases and quotes from books, songs and movies, arrange those on a canvas and hang it on the wall.

Hanging Shelves

If you ever feel the need to create more space in your bedroom, install wooden shelves at the corner. You can put books, artifacts and plants on these shelves. A ‘mix and match’ combination will convert the corner into a visual delight. Though wood is still a favorite choice for shelves, you can go with glass and wrought iron as well.

Fabric Art

Fabric art for wall decoration? Everything is possible if you don’t mind experimenting. Create a decorative art with scraps of fabric easily found at anyone’s home. You can use inspiring quotes or monograms to overlay the framed fabric arts.

Decorative Mirrors

A mirror, which adds some more space to your bedroom, is also a functional piece. It makes sense to go with a decorative piece in order to enhance visual appeal.

Retro Wood Art


Wooden décor has never gone out of favor. Welcome the idea into your bedroom by placing triangle-shaped pieces. You can add a quirky character to these wooden pieces by painting your favorite fruit or flower.

Mounted Wall Art

Mounted wall art is a great way to enliven your personal memories. Choose from the best photobooks of your recent family trips or friends’ parties.

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