How to Get the Best of the Shopping Hub in the Country?

Delhi is much more than a city. It is an empire that liberated itself from democratic constraints and is yet self-confident in all its glory. It has been a vacation destination for families and the go to place for shopaholics. What is that you don’t get here? Delhi has a very vibrant shopping scene. You get designer boutiques to the best of flea markets, all in the same city. I remember the time when the lady next to me on my flight asked me if I was from Delhi or if I knew of the markets she could visit. Little did I know that this conversation will make a not so shopaholic me visit the best shopping places in Delhi. Let megive you a better insight on my tryst with the markets in Delhi.


DilliHaat is the brainchild of the government, and is a treat to people visiting there. A sprawling rustic village at its best ready to offer the best of artifacts, madhubani paintings, footwear’s from places you haven’t been to souvenirs and imitation jewelry.  I am usually clueless when it comes to jewelry but I did pick up some oxidized earrings for my sister. The ballerinas that we usually wear are no match for the jootis I acquired and I got my hands on some hand painted palm leaf postcards. DilliHaat is one of the best shopping places in Delhi no doubt.
Khan Market:

Very close to Central Secretariat, Khan Market was second on my list. Not really a flea market but Khan Market is one of the classiest streets in Delhi to shop from. The first thing that the Bibliophile in me noticed was the second hand bookstore. It was heaven in a small store. I also got my hands on a collection of Urdu poetry from Mir to Faiz and I couldn’t have been happier. The next place I visited was a Kashmiri handloom store run by a Kashmiri Woman who told me stories from time long before I was born. I picked up a pashmina for my grandmother and also got a discount. Yayy, win-win, isn’t it? Khan market also houses amazing food outlets. No wonder it is one of the best shopping places in Delhi. 
Sarojini Market:

One doesn’t have to be from Delhi to know about Sarojini, do they? It took me a whole day to explore Sarojini from every nook and corner and I couldn’t stop myself from buying almost everything I got my hands on. There was certain calm in the chaos and standing at one of the chai shops, I could see people of all ages trying to hustle through. One of the most pocket friendly markets, Sarojini gives you a variety of clothing options as well as is a hub for wholesalers.  This one had to make it to the best shopping places in Delhi’s list. 


If I may be honest with you, I was really not in ChandniChowk to shop but for the food. ChandniChiowk having stood the test of time is so lively yet aesthetic. The used books store and the ancient artifacts were my favorite spots. I almost spent half my day in the ParantheWaliGali and I can’t complain. Inspired by YouTube Videos I had watched, I decided to check out some Lehenga stores and man I was bedazzled. Just so you know, it also has a chor bazar in one of its narrow lanes. ChandniChowk indeed gives to the feel of one of the best shopping places in Delhi.
Lajpat Nagar:

Lajpat also known as central market is one of the busiest markets in the whole city. You will spot women of all ages bargaining with the shop keepers. Much like other markets, Lajpat also has a lot of by lanes to be explored. I never thought that I would end up picking up crockery out of everything but I just couldn’t stop. It is one of the best places to buy Kurtas from and trust me, if you can bargain, you’ve got yourself an amazing deal. Another amazing thing is the brand stores that sell branded clothing at almost half the price. Now that is something super amazing, isn’t it?
Connaught Place Aka CP:

Being located in the heart of the city is just one good thing about this market. Connaught place houses almost everything that one wants. You get everything from amazing clubs, bookstores to multiplexes. In the middle of Connaught place lies Palika Bazar which is a fully air conditioned shopping plaza. I did pick up a bottle of Persian perfume for myself. This is worthy of being called one of the best shopping places in Delhi.

Paharganj Bazaar:

The most liked place by youngsters for its happening clubs and Cafes, Paharganj is also in the list of the best shopping places in Delhi. You have a plethora of jewelry items to choose from and trust me; I stood there like an idiot. Well, I was visiting with a friend who is a jewelry designer and was buying supplies. It was an altogether different experience to be with someone who knew the place in the back of her hand.
Delhi is so jovial yet firm in its vibe. So many cities have been built and destroyed and yet Delhi retained its glorious past. A shopper’s paradise I must say. I have fallen in love with every bit of it in my one month stay. The best part was that I was there around Ramdaan and there was a total different bustle in the markets. Exploring the historical spaces as well as the markets gave me an insight on age old culture. I came back with much more than shopping bags. I brought along stories that have lived longer than I could imagine. If you get a chance, do visit all the best shopping places in Delhi. Hope you bring back some magic too. 


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