How to Manage Business Consumables the Right Way 

When it comes to maintaining an efficient office, it involves ensuring that every single person has access to the tools they require for accomplishing their tasks. There is no doubt that it can be tough to decide which tools are the most beneficial for an office, one resource that the whole office uses is business consumables. But, when all employees need access to the same supplies, how do you prevent them from being abused? 

Managing Business Consumables

Business consumables are quite easy to use and even easier to run out of. Pens, paper, toners, inks, paper clips, tape and other products are all important, but they can create problems if they are not monitored. Moreover, the business’s employees might take too many of these business consumables at once, which can lead to overspending and over-ordering. These issues are increased even further due to workplace flexibility. So, how do you manage these business consumables? There are some simple steps you can take for this purpose:

  • Reduce access to these consumables 

The business needs to work on improving their organization system. How do you keep track of business consumables? In theory, it might sound reasonable to keep supply rooms open so employees can take what they need, but in practice they are not so great. This is due to the fact that there is no limit on the number of consumables employees can take. There are several ways that you can limit access; you can put someone in charge, you can limit access to only a handful of employees or you can start maintaining a log to keep track of who is taking what and when. 

  • Organize what you have 

Once you have decided to limit access, it is time to organize the business consumables products that you have available. It is recommended that you group similar consumables together so it is easier for employees to find what they need. It is also a good idea to place the items used most frequently in easily accessible locations. This also makes it easier for you to know when specific consumable products are running out and when it is time to reorder them. 

  • First use up and then get more 

One way to prevent over-ordering business consumables is by encouraging employees to use up what is already available before they open up new packs. This is because consumables are also perishable like toners and inks dry out, paper turns yellow and pens also stop working. Therefore, it is best to use up whatever is available. It reduces waste and is also better for the environment, which is definitely an advantage.

  • Strategize when to reorder 

When you order business consumables products in bulk, many vendors will give you a discount. If you want to get the most out of your money, you should order everything when you are running out. This allows you to order products in large quantities and this qualifies you for a discount, thereby keeping your expenses low. 

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