Improved cybersecurity in 2021: Businesses need to think ahead!

The ongoing pandemic has affected every continent. Businesses around the globe are struggling with specific problems, and many small startups and new businesses have been forced to shut shop. While vaccines are likely to be available soon, things may not return to normal for a while for businesses, small and large alike. Amidst all of these, cyber vulnerabilities and threats remain a concern. In this post, we are sharing more on how do to better with cybersecurity in 2021. 

Review your threats

Some of the cybersecurity concerns remain the same for the upcoming year. For instance, there has been a major rise in phishing, vishing, and malware attacks on businesses, and scammers seem to have improved their social engineering methods. Before the year begins, start by evaluating your immediate cybersecurity threats and how your business can address them better. 

Train your employees

For many businesses, the biggest change in 2020 has been distribution of workforce. As more people work from home, the concerns related to management of physical and cloud resources remain unchanged. Make sure that your employees know their respective roles, responsibilities, and tasks in ensuing cybersecurity. For instance, if an employee is working from home, from a personal device, they must use a VPN, and their network connection should be patched. 

Focus on emails

Phishing & malware – These are two common email threats and must be addressed in an efficient manner. Establish the dos and don’ts of safe browsing, ensure that your company has recommended a spam filter and antimalware software, and share the protocols to be followed after receiving a phishing email. Encourage your employees to report incidents, because only then your cybersecurity teams can work better. 

Check access rights

One of the key aspects that every business must focus on is access rights. For the next year, ensure that you have a transparent system in place, to know who has access to what within an organization. This is particularly important, so that unwanted access rights can be revoked, and additional means of authentication can be considered for select accounts and privilege users. There are some good Identity & Access management suites out there, and these are quite handy for better cybersecurity.

Finally, stay ahead of hackers. Where possible, consider engaging the security community. For instance, you can have a bug bounty program. The idea is to use ethical hackers to find existing vulnerabilities and fix them in time. 

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