What to Do When You Find Asbestos in Sydney Offices

Sydney has more than 20 million office buildings situated in the city, and some of them are as old as the Old Registry Office at the Supreme Court. You should know that these kinds of old office buildings were completely refurbished to ensure their classic aesthetic is retained. 

However, the same cannot be said for other old office buildings because there is something hidden within the walls. You may have heard of the term “asbestos” from people, and what you have heard did not exactly shed a positive light on it. Asbestos is a term used for a group of six naturally occurring silicate minerals. 

Even if it provides a few benefits such as strength and fireproofing, it can cause serious health risks, especially for people in Sydney working in office buildings with old construction material. If ever there’s asbestos present around your office, no need to fret. Just follow specific steps to ensure you steer clear from it. And once you and everyone else is out of the area where the asbestos is, you should contact a company providing asbestos removal in Sydney, at once. Read on, these tips below can be crucial for you.

Determine Where the Asbestos Is Found

You should know that most modern office buildings around Sydney do not contain asbestos anymore ever since it was banned back on December 31st of 2003. But there are still a few office buildings that were not able to get rid of asbestos, so you must determine where you can find them. 

One way of knowing if it is asbestos is by examining whether it has a light grey or white colour. You can find this behind walls and ceilings, and it looks a bit like shredded fibre. When looking for asbestos around office buildings, it is critical never to inhale it as it can cause severe health risks to your body. 

Determine Whether to Remove or Leave It

While asbestos is extremely dangerous when inhaled by a person, there are instances where you do not necessarily have to eliminate it. However, it should be removed from some specific parts of your office building, and one of these areas is the roof. The roof is constantly exposed to the changing weather, causing the asbestos to deteriorate and release toxic fibres if present. 

For asbestos that does not need to be removed, you can usually find it on windowsills and pipes. These places typically do not have significant damage and are securely bound within the material. It is best to leave these parts of your office building to prevent the asbestos fibres from getting exposed in the air.

Contact Asbestos Removal Experts Right Away

After determining where the asbestos is found, you should not take time to call in an expert as and there are some pretty good companies proving asbestos removal in Sydney. They are the only ones that can properly get rid of it as they have the right tools and equipment for the job. 

Never ignore asbestos around your office building in Sydney if you do not want to fall seriously ill afterwards. You should know that Sydney is one of the areas in Australia that majorly contributes to mesothelioma statistics. Be vigilant around the office, and make sure you do not fall prey to the statistics, especially if the building is old. 

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