Installation Art bringing Shopping Malls to life

Going to a shopping mall is becoming more of an experience, not just for the shopper but for those who are there to “just look around.” Shopping Mall Installation Art is giving traditional shopping malls a much-needed facelift. Creating an enjoyable time for the shopper and the mall employees. Installation Art is becoming a new way to get the shopper out of the house. The art draws the eye to make the shopper stop and look. 

Installation Art can put a smile on the face of all age ranges, it can inspire a child to draw a picture, write a story, start a conservation and get that wanted selfie shot that will almost always end up on social media with some clever hashtags. Art has a way of bringing people together and creating wonderful memories. Sparking conservation about the artist is a hidden benefit, chances are they have their art displayed elsewhere.

Get out of the house and go to the local or better yet, make a day trip and visit shopping malls that have Installation Art displayed to give all who come near it something beautiful to look at. The art can give off energy making shopping much more enjoyable. In a world of rapid satisfaction, why not stop to enjoy the view and appreciate what can be seen and felt.

Installation Art can stimulate a mind to see the surroundings in a different way. The art can encourage purchasing different items that might have not yet otherwise been thought of. The atmosphere is electrifying with Installation Art nearby. It can stir up positive emotions which makes the shopping trip much more enjoyable.

The art is sometimes for sale, which is an exciting find for the unexpected purchaser. As expected, Installation Art can be found in major cities such as Las Vegas, Dallas and New York city, just to name a few. Installation Art has become a new way to showcase the artists talent, it’s bringing beauty, inspiration, conversation and ambiance. 

Rather than have a shopping mall with skylights to the outside world, the art pieces bring in a light of their own, bringing beauty from the artists mind into real life. The art structures do change according to the season, they have become the place to be seen, to be photographed with. The reality is, the art pieces create a social media life on its own. A search of a specific Installation Art will verify that in seconds.

One of the popular times to view the magnificent structures or pieces is during the holiday season. Many have seen these structures when watching live TV in New York, a city well known for its extravagant holiday décor. Taking a picture of it captures not only the time, but the memory forever, it becomes part of the story that will be told with laughter at family dinners. And if fortunate enough, it will inspire traditional holiday trips which result in many more pictures to be added to that family memory.

Plan a visit to one of the cities mentioned, take that ever-popular selfie with one or all the Shopping Mall Installation Art pieces at the local shopping mall. Put a clever hashtag on the many pictures that will be taken and posted on all the social media outlets and tag friends and family. Do a quick search of the artist and add them to the post. The social media post will take on a life of its own and the original post with that popular selfie will become famous as well.


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