Classic or Rugged? Don’t Compromise Your Style When Choosing A Luxury Watch Strap


Your watch strap or band is probably the most important part of your watch. This is the piece that keeps it on your wrist. One would not want to lose their precious vintage Seiko because of a cheap watch band. I use the Seiko as an example because Seiko has been manufacturing a classic dive watch for many years. It has been on millions of wrists and is still on millions of wrists as I write this article. I am personally wearing my Mako II XL made by Orient. It is very similar to the Classic Seiko 7002. It is a simple dive watch with the classic look, feel and style. I just replaced the band that came on my Mako with a stainless steel shark mesh band. The band that came on my watch is of high quality and matches the watch perfectly and the fit is precision. So why would I change it? It’s really quite simple. There are 3 reasons. I want that custom dive watch look. The band has a great feel and I can custom measure it to my wrist for the exact fit I want. This band is a high quality rugged and tough wearing strap I do not have to worry about breaking. As far as luxury replacement watch straps, it doesn’t get any better than this, for the money.

I believe the watchband or strap contributes greatly to the style of your watch and has everything to do with the look. The style of the watch is what determines the style of the band. It would look really funny and out of place to have a stainless steel shark mesh dive band on an 18 kt gold Presidential Rolex. It would look horribly out of place, not to mention stupid. Call it avant-garde if you will, it still looks stupid. This is where the style comes into play. Dress watches require dress bands. Dive watches should have dive bands. However it is your watch and whatever look you want, you can get. I am lucky I guess. I got all three in one. The look, the fit, and feel, and the Quality is great. You can accomplish this also with a little research.

The watch band needs to be comfortable and fit your wrist. This is very important for you will be wearing it all day, most days. Sometimes it can be under harsh or adverse conditions, so it has to be comfortable. I mean think about it. It could be really annoying having an uncomfortable watchband, on your Rolex Submariner, at the Annual Yacht Club Regatta. Now the fit is just as important because it works with the comfortable part. A watch strap that is too tight is uncomfortable and a loose watch band is annoying. Again it is all up to your preference. One unto the other extreme.

Now I believe the most important part of luxury replacement watch straps is the quality. A replacement should be at least as good as the original if not better. That is the whole purpose of a watchband, holding your watch on your wrist. You do not want to lose your Rolex at the Regatta, because your watch band broke. So the quality of a replacement band plays a major role in your selection.

You do not have to compromise quality for style when choosing a new strap band for your watch. It comes down to the proper selection that incorporates both. This is an easy fit, especially if you have a qualified jeweler that can custom fit anything you bring to them.


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