Live With a Nature in Kufri

The adventures of Kufri entice a number of backpackers from all over the country. Apart from the adventures, Kufri is also known for its exceptional scenic beauty and pleasant weather. When it comes to tourist, they always become excited in the name of Kufri as it is the place where nature blends with a person. Being the hub of many escapades, some of them include heli-skiing, trekking, and many. This is the reason, Kufri is also known as a haven for skiers. Kufri is just 13 km from Shimla, and its height is 2,630 m from sea level. One of the most popular tourist destinations here is the Kufri Fun World. It is an amusement park where people of all ages can spend quality time. In this park, tourists can experience the ultimate adrenaline rush of a go-kart. Summer and winter, both are adorable, and it depends on the tourist’s preference whether he/she wants to view green valleys or pearl White Mountains.

A destination for everyone

Kufri is not only for adventure seekers. Well, the place may be thronged with spots related to various adventures, but you can also experience the beauty of nature. The grandeur of mountains provides a soothing view for the eyes and thus, makes you relaxed from the daily hassles. There are some good hotels, homestays, and resorts in Kufri. It is recommended to book the rooms in advance to stay away from last moment annoyance. Indira Tourist Park is a major tourist attraction in Kufri where you can spend a blissful time with your friends and family. Therefore, the beautiful sights of mountains and valleys make Kufri one of the best destinations when it comes to hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, India. Moreover, the place is not mobbed like major cities, especially when compared with urbanized Shimla.

Uniting with nature

The beautiful slopes of Kufri offer exhilarating skiing experience along with the gazing of snowy mountains. One of the best ways to explore Kufri is getting a ride on horseback. However, it is not recommended at all for aged people as most of the ways are swarmed with rocky trails which can make the ride extra bumpy. However, if you want a different experience apart from horse rides, then go for yak rides. There are very few places in India that offer yak rides, and Kufri is one of them. Apart from the rides, it is really mesmerizing to taste the cream-filled tea made of yak’s milk. After making yourself warm and comfortable, go for hiking and reach out for the peak of Mahashu in Kufri. The peak offers scintillating views of neighbouring mountains like Kedarnath and Badrinath.

The overall weather of Kufri

During the summer season, Kufri experiences temperate climate till the months of April and June. The temperature during this time ranges from 12 to 19 degrees centigrade. This place receives very low rainfall in the monsoon. However, the temperature sometimes drops below 10 degrees centigrade.

On the contrary, winter months are extremely cold. Temperatures often fall below freezing point. It is the best time for adventure loving people as most of the skiing amusements are ideal in such conditions. From the perspective general tourists, March to November is the ideal period for planning a trip to Kufri.

Accommodation in Kufri

Recently, Kufri is increasingly experiencing development, thanks to the growing numbers of tourists. Every tourist flocks to experience the bliss of nature, whether it’s summer, monsoon, or winter. There are a number of hotels in this region that offer top-class accommodations and amenities. To stay away from hassles, be sure to book the desired number of rooms in advance. The peak months of tourism in Kufri are September and October. During this period, various events and celebrations like Vinayak Chaturthi and Diwali are held. However, in the month of May, the summer festival is held, and a number of cultural programs and dazzling artworks are displayed. During this month, the entire town of Kufri gets entangled with colourful lights and charming people.

Whatever the month is, make sure to consult properly with a reputed and knowledgeable travel agent to determine the approximate budget and essential requirements of the trip.

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