How to Look After Your Artificial Lawn

It is safe to say that nobody wants a poorly kept outdoor space. Whether the front or back of the property is looking unsightly, it can upset neighbours and more importantly, it can decrease your property value anywhere between 5-20%! For many homeowners, the thought of having to regularly tend to their garden year-round isn’t worth thinking about. From mowing the lawn, removing weeds and trimming the borders every few weeks, it can become a tedious job. For many the answer to this problem is simple: artificial grass.

An artificial lawn is one of the most effective solutions to gardening with it being green throughout the year and never needing to be mown. That being said, despite it being a very low maintenance alternative it will still need some TLC to keep it looking neat and well kept.

Tips to Take Care of Artificial Lawn

Once your new synthetic grass has been set in place, you will need to spend the next couple of months lightly brushing it. This will help the grass settle into place and keep the shape you like as the sand layer directly underneath will initially move around. After this time, it should retain its structure and only need brushing every so often to spread the grass fibres and keep them upright.

Whilst real grass has the ability to ‘bounce’ back into shape, artificial grass can be damaged with the wrong footwear. It is important to be mindful of what shoes you are wearing on the grass as heels, heavy boots, studded football boots etc. can all cause irreparable damage.

Much like a real grass lawn, your artificial lawn will be vulnerable to the elements which means leaves, twigs and other debris are all likely to be found sitting on top from time to time. Removing them as quickly as possible is key to keeping your lawn looking and feeling great. This can be done by hand or using a leaf blower; either way it is necessary to prevent weed growth.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Options

There are many pet friendly artificial grass options, but that doesn’t mean your pet will respect your new lawn! Whether you have a cat or dog, you may find your pet chewing, defecating or trying to dig up the new grass. This is a habit you will have to quickly put a stop to as it won’t take long for your pet to destroy your freshly laid lawn or damage it with defecation.

Maintaining Your Artificial Lawn

When it comes to caring for and maintaining your artificial lawn, most of the maintenance is common sense, but it is still easy to forget that you can’t partake in the usual lawn activities such as bonfires. Any sources of heat will need to be kept well away from your lawn; this means fireworks, cigarette butts and barbeques to name a few. Your lawn will quickly melt if it comes into contact with any of these extreme heat sources and may well need replacing if it’s a large patch!

Overall, looking after your artificial lawn requires a lot less time and effort than a regular lawn and if you put the minimal time required in, your garden will be looking healthy and green for years to come!



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