Looking For Monitor Arm – Follow the Basics To Get the Best Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Are you tired of space adjustment on your desk and squeezing your things here & there. The monitor arm is here to solve this problem. This will help you adjust the angle as well as height of the monitors to suit your desk and visibility. Monitor’s arms come in several types to enable you to select the best that suits your application and needs.

Before you look for a monitor arm, your concept of having it should be clear. Below are the basics to look for to get the best ergonomic monitor arm.

Vesa compliance

This is the most important thing to check before even thinking of buying a monitor arm. Usually, most of the monitors are VESA compliance – you will have a hole pattern to mount the monitor. Few companies don’t provide holes to make them niche and stylish. In such cases, you can opt for additional VESA compliant adapters.

Workspace specifics

To make the monitor wall mount, the weight of the monitor should be accounted for. You will find several models of monitor arm at Primecables.ca to choose from. They provide all the technical specifications in one go to ease your selection process. You can have a word with them online to get the exact requirement.

Besides, you will have to work on the weight, the depth and total monitors you are planning to mount on a single arm.

Mounting specifics

There are two types of mounting formats available in the monitor arm. You can go for either a c-clamp or grommet version. The c-clamp gets attached to the desk without any need of drilling provided the desk has enough grip on the sides. The grommet type requires a hole and won’t be suitable if your pre-made desk cannot be drilled.

Additional accessories

The additional accessories include cable management tray, keyboard and mouse stacker to give ergonomic effect.

Types of monitor arm

Based on the specification finalized, you choose the monitor arm from the below types.

Spring mounts – Once attached to the workspace, this monitor arm can be adjusted freely depending on the user preference. It can be lifted above the workspace and allows the possibility of multi-user viewing.

Post mounts – These mounts are similar to spring mounts. But, in this type, you can mount dual or multiple monitors to a single arm.

Wall mounts – As the name suggests, they can be mounted across the walls. These types of mounts are mostly used in healthcare facilities since they need maximum space and efficiency to work.

Rail mounts – This type of mount are applicable that requires to view multiple monitors at one go. These are used mainly in IT buildings, security and healthcare facilities.

Laptop mounts – The laptop mounts helps in alleviating strain on the body by having a better view. When the laptop is not in use, this mount can be moved aside providing convenience to work.

Thus, from the above, it is clear that whatever mounting you prefer, the ultimate goal of saving space and having an ergonomic view can be achieved.

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