MBA in Sports Management: An Upcoming Trend Among Indian Youth

MBA in Sports Management is gaining popularity among the young aspirants who look for some challenging opportunities in the sports sector. The program which was hardly known until a few years back is now becoming one of the most popular courses, due to the growing number of opportunities in the sports sector. MBA in Sports Management program is for all those sports enthusiasts who want to turn their passion for sports into a profession that can pay them well in the future. After completing the course, the students can explore different opportunities in the fields of marketing, sponsorship, exporting of sports goods or apparel, sports medicine, sports tourism, among many other diversified sectors.

One of the root causes of the increase in the number of applicants applying for MBA in Sports Management is the growing popularity of sporting events such as IPL, BPL, KPL etc. which has a huge fan following. Now an MBA in Sports Management specialisation is changing the face of management education in the country and students who will secure high in management entrance exams like CMAT will be able to enrol themselves in the renowned colleges and universities offering the program. 

Common Management Admission Test, which is also being referred to as CMAT, is a national level postgraduate entrance exam pertaining to all management programs. CMAT 2020, which is an online exam, will be conducted on January 28, 2020. Admit cards for the same are available to download at the official website. 

What is Sports Management?

An MBA in sports management means planning, organising and managing a sports event. In the program, students are provided practical training as well and are allowed to build a network with the stakeholders of the sports industry as a part of their training. 

By pursuing a program in Sports Management, the students can understand the business of sports, and it gives them exposure to learning the techniques of sports marketing and administration. Also, the students who opt for this course develop their PR skills and other relevant expertise which are needed while managing a sporting event, sports celebrities, and officials.

Some of the facts regarding the global sports industry which is inspiring more professionals to opt for this course are:

  • The global sports industry is worth more than USD 480 billion; the Indian sports industry, which was worth INR 48 billion in 2015, is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years.
  • A full-fledged sports industry will contribute almost 1% to 5% of the country’s GDP.
  • Employment offered to people in the sporting goods industry is more than 5,00,000 in India.
  • Nearly 23 lakh people are anticipated to be a part of the Indian sports industry by 2023.

Present and Future of Sports Industry in India

The above data indicates that the sports sector will grow dynamically in the upcoming future. Our country has many major sports and sporting legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Vishwanathan Anand, Sania Mirza, M. S. Dhoni, Mary Kom, Vijender Singh who have earned name and fame for themselves and the country as well. The industry is not only taking a professional shape but is also opening gates for the sports enthusiasts who are seeking their career in this sector, though not playing on the ground. 

With the booming sports sector, the demand for working professionals who can manage national and international events, matches etc. are also increasing. Post the establishment of Indian Premier League (Cricket), Hockey India League, Indian Badminton League, Pro Kabaddi League, and Indian Super League (Tennis); this sector is flooded with opportunities like never before.

Working professionals are quitting their jobs just to explore different opportunities in this growing sector. Also, the international companies who want to invest in the Indian sports sector are looking for professionals who can offer assessment and advice and can explore different and profitable opportunities to invest in the Indian sports market.

Growing Demand for Professionals by the Commercial Sports Clubs

Gone were the days when the most popular career option among the students was engineering and banking job. Now with the changing mindset of the people, several students are opting for a challenging and innovative course that can help them in triggering their skills and knowledge. 

If the industry experts and professionals are to be believed, the increased corporate investments in commercial sports leagues in the last five years is opening a new avenue for specialised sports management jobs in India. Academics and training program employs almost 30% of the students who completed an MBA in sports management get hired by the commercial sports clubs, 40%; and many start their entrepreneurial ventures in sports management post completing the course. 

Even the number of students opting for this course post giving exams like CMAT is increasing day by day. After completing the course, many students go back to the previous jobs they were working, with the title of a certified sports manager and get a significant hike in their annual CTC.

Growing opportunities in sponsorship marketing, high-quality operation management and performance analysis in different sports such as cricket, football tennis and badminton in the Indian market is also driving the industry forward.

India Emerging as a Hub for Professional Sports Lovers

There is no doubt to the fact that now India is emerging as the hub for professional sports, both traditional and non-traditional, which in turn raises the demand for quality and talented sports management professionals. The professionals are required by various gaming agencies and organisations to manage players and the business surrounding them. 

With an upsurge in investments and foreign interests, sports as a domain is one of the booming careers in India. Not only the Indian cricket market is overgrowing, even non-cricketing sports like football, kabaddi, hockey etc. are an example whose participation and viewership grew by an amusing margin of 64% over the last many years.

Career Opportunities in Sports Management

With the expanding sports industry, the demand for skilled professionals who can handle the day-to-day operations of sports teams and organisations is also increasing. Some of the job opportunities and designations which the students can explore post completing their course include:

  • Sports Event Organizer
  • Project Manager
  • Communication/Advertising Manager
  • Sponsoring, Partnerships, and Merchandising Manager
  • Sports Consultant
  • Operations Manager
  • Sports Equipment Manager
  • Sports Organization Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Sports Celebrity Manager
  • Sports Expert

The sports market is flooded with tons of opportunities that allow the students to have expertise in management, communication, and marketing of sports. You can work in a plethora of fields which are related to sports management and can achieve phenomenal success with a shorter period if you are passionate and dedicated to your work. 

Since the national and international sports sector is dynamical, the demand and competitiveness are never going to end, and students who are doing MBA in sports management can expect the market to do better in the future. 

With gaining popularity of sporting events across the world, there is going to be plenty of openings and roles in this industry which is expected to cross many boundaries soon. So start preparing well for the management entrance exams and get admission to a prestigious college.

Chase your dreams by doing MBA in sports management!! Good Luck!!

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