Monitor Your Kid’s Social Media Activity Without Their Knowledge

In this digital age, the constant use of cell phones and social media has become rampant. With free access to the internet, our children are spending more time on social media sites instead of doing something more productive. This is why the cell phone spy technology has seen a rise in the past few years.

While parents think their children are safer on social media instead of going to an unknown place after school, let us tell you that it’s not what it seems to be. Children are not safe on any social media site. Every social media platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, is invaded by bad people with evil intentions.

Although the sole purpose of social media is to bring people closer, some people have been using these platforms only to get closer to young and innocent children. People with bad intentions such as cyberbullies, pedophiles, and sexual predators have invaded these platforms. They are always looking out for children as their main targets.

They target young and innocent children because of their vulnerable nature. Since they can’t attack adults as they are more mature and cleverer, they tend to attack younger children. To keep children from the reach of these bad people on social media, parents need to monitor their child’s online activity.

Several Online Dangers Lurking on Social Media

Believe it or not, several online dangers are lurking on social media. Your children have no idea to what extent their safety is at risk when they are using their social media accounts. Online dangers like sexting, pedophilia, pornography, and cyberbullying are found to a great extent on these sites.

Cyberbullies send mean, rude, and offensive messages to children on social media accounts just to discourage them. Mostly, children do not share such instances with their parents out of embarrassment. Even though they try to tackle the situation themselves, they still fail miserably.

On the other hand, sexual predators or pedophiles find children on social media and lure them into becoming friends with them. When they have gained enough confidence and realize that the child has started trusting them, they demand inappropriate photos and videos from them.

After getting hands on their photos and videos, they start blackmailing children. What’s more, they may even spread the content on the internet or sell it to the dark internet for money.

Besides cyberbullying and pedophilia, sexting is also widely common on social media sites. Children send and received inappropriate messages with their friends on these platforms which can be harmful to their mental health. Social media platforms are also the place where they get exposed to porn content at a young age.

Therefore, parents need to constantly keep track on their child’s social media activity to make sure they stay away from online threats lurking on the platforms.

Using Cell Phone Spy Technology

A cell phone monitoring app like Mobistealth come in handy when you want to monitor your child’s social media activity. You can install the app on your child’s cell phone and begin monitoring their online activity.

When the installation is complete, the cell phone monitoring app will start recording whatever is happening on their phone, including their social media activity, and then share the logged information with you through your online user account.

The online user account is an online dashboard from where you can remotely track their social media activity from anywhere and at any time. The cell phone spy technology really helps because the app stays hidden on your child’s cell phone.

When the app remains undetected, your child won’t be able to know that a cell phone monitoring has been installed on their phone which is secretly tracking all their social media activity. Cell phone monitoring apps can help you keep your children safe from impending online dangers.




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