The 7 Most Engaging Corporate Halloween Activities

Everywhere you turn, the exciting Halloween hype has begun! Retail stores are jam-packed with Halloween decorations and costumes, and the cozy aroma of pumpkin spice surrounds you when you walk into the grocery store. Kids are already pumped for the fun, but the fun is for adults, too – especially if you have a corporate Halloween event coming up!

If you’re reading this article, chances are you do, so here are 7 fun ideas for the most engaging corporate Halloween activities that are sure to (pumpkin) spice up your corporate event!

1. Superhero for a Day

This is a great activity for the Friday before Halloween, to help boost engagement so near the holiday. Each employee comes dressed as a superhero of their choice, including original ones. Ideas for this activity include taking an online superhero test and sharing results and creating superhero-themed crafts.

2. Mummy Wraps

For this activity, you’ll need a lot of toilet paper. Each team gets to mummify their supervisor, with only 5 minutes to do it. One employee from each team is the chosen judge. Give rewards for things like the speediest, the most creative, or the most fully-wrapped mummy.

3. The Tangled Web

This activity is great for building a sense of connection between employees, both symbolically and literally. Have your team stand in a circle with everyone facing inward. Begin with one employee (who is holding the fake spider web bundle) telling the group one thing they are afraid of. Anyone who can relate then raises their hand and grabs some of the webs.

Before long, you have a big, tangled web that you can use to decorate the office and encourage employees to add fake spiders or anything relevant to their fears.

If you have a larger event, professional AV services from the great event production companies in Orlando can effectively make this activity more impactful.

4. The Old Standby

You can’t have Halloween without pumpkin carving, but that doesn’t mean that you have to “color inside the lines.” Encourage your team to carve anything they want, not just a face. You can also provide autumn craft supplies for them to create decorative autumn arrangements with the pumpkins.

5. Murder Mystery

Great for engaging large groups and encouraging mingling for new employees, the murder mystery activity involves one employee being murdered and the others working together to solve the case.

You can purchase easy-to-play murder mystery game party kits, or you can find free ones online. Even better, create your unique murder mystery, asking for input from employees.

This activity is also great for larger events, when you may have the opportunity to use professional audio/visual services from one of the great event production companies in Orlando.

6. Halloween Volunteering

Coming together as a team for a good cause adds extra meaning to your corporate event, boosting morale and increasing the cohesiveness of your team. Coordinate with charity organizations to visit nursing homes or shelters, or hand out sweets in the streets.

7. Halloween Awards

Come up with unique Halloween awards that go beyond the traditional costume contest. For instance, let employees know well ahead of to get together and create a Halloween video, write a spooky story, write a song to perform, or create Halloween games.

Once all entries are in, gather employees together for snacks, evaluating the entries, and handing out awards.



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