Must-Know Features and Advantages of Food Processors

Food Processors are helpful when it comes to tiring kitchen tasks. A food processor consists of a bowl with a removable lid, a base and a sharp blade. One can use such processors for various kitchen purposes like slicing, grating and grinding vegetables, fruits, etc. Speed and ease of use are the primary reasons why people opt for owning food processors. It is proved to be the most useful and versatile among other kitchen aids used for food preparation. It can replace knives and other small kitchen tools. Here’s a look at some of the features and advantages of this kitchen appliance.


The most significant perk of investing in processors for your kitchen is using them for different food prep-works like chopping, grating, shredding, grinding, mixing and slicing fruits and vegetables. The options to customise the processors for particular use adds to its advantages. Whether the ingredients are dry or wet, the many features these processors possess, help them deal with any circumstance. The pulse feature, pureeing method, etc. are useful if you are dealing with ingredients of different textures and types.


Food processors stand different from other kitchen aids due to their settings as well as its blade. Pulse and puree is the primary setting for almost all variants of this device. Pulsing helps to chop down ingredients into smaller sizes, in short bursts. Pulse the large chunks before pureeing to avoid the pieces sticking onto the blade. Pureeing helps to blend the ingredients.


The blades in a food processor are usually removable. This feature makes cleaning of the appliance easy and allows the addition of purpose-specific attachments. The standard one is suitable to pulse and puree the ingredients, whereas many extensions are available that one can use for other preparatory processes. The grating disc and slicing disc are the standard attachments used for food prep. Grating discs are suitable for items like carrot, cheese, potato, etc. When it comes to the slicing disc, another attachment option, it is always better to choose the thinner and finer slicing range. A food processor ensures that slicing is made easy.


Speed is one of the remarkable features of a food processor. Compared to chopping or slicing a vegetable using a knife, it takes considerably less time than to do it with a food processor. Also, options to adjust the speed of the processor are available. High-speed processors help to finely mix the ingredients when pulsed and pureed, whereas the low-speed gives thicker bites. This feature allows having food in the desired texture. 


There are food processors equipped with advanced options for chopping and grating. Owning a well-featured food processor will be a valuable addition to any kitchen. But, it is essential to make sure that the standard settings are working correctly. Also, keep in mind the safety reminders while using a food processor. A food processor helps in cooking faster and makes the process enjoyable. Thus, owning a food processor makes cooking more comfortable, with many options available to customise the tool according to the need. So, when it comes to food prep, a food processor deserves a big yes.

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