Sprinkler Repair Davis County – Things to Know Before Hiring or DIY

A dysfunctional sprinkler system can turn your lawn in Davis County into a dry spot, or worse, oversupply it with water that you can see unsightly pools here and there.

You may toy with the idea of doing the repair yourself – for saving money and self-learning. The first step in doing repairs is to figure out how that system works and how each part is connected to another.

How Does It Work

Sprinkler systems are water irrigation systems with which water is supplied in a controlled manner similar to rainfall. Water is supplied and distributed via a network consisting of pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers.

Besides their use in the residential setting, irrigation sprinklers are also used in agriculture and industries. For agricultural purposes, sprinklers are especially necessary if the water supply is insufficient or where the soil is sandy.

Perpendicular pipes are connected at regular intervals to the central pipeline. At the top of each pipe is a rotating nozzle where water is sprayed out on the crop.

On a residential setup, the network of piping is buried underground and has retractable sprinkler heads for spraying water. The entire system pushes water above the ground using pressure.

Advanced systems use electronic devices that control valve opening and closing. If you deem it useful, you can incorporate a rain sensor whose job is to stop the water supply when rain falls.

Common Issues and Ones that You May Be Able to Repair

Here are areas to check for a poorly-performing system in your Davis County yard:

1. Low pressure
Another reason for a repair is for low pressure that causes poor water coverage. Check the system for blockage, broken pipes, backend issues, or faulty hardware. It may be only that the heads are clogged, so check that out first.

If you find no leaking anywhere, the line to the zone may have been compressed due to a vehicle’s weight or tree roots. A quick repair is to realign that pipe section.

If the part is damaged and cannot be reshaped back to its original form, cut that part and replace it.

2. Leaking Valve

It may be that the valve is cracked. Here you need the valve repaired or even replaced.

If there is nothing broken there, it might be just that the screws are loose. Get those screws tightened as they hold the valve’s cover to its body, preventing water from leaking.

You may also have to look inside the valve and check the diaphragm if it is the part that’s malfunctioning. Disassemble it from the valve and rebuild the whole thing with a new diaphragm.

3. An Inactive Zone

A faulty valve may also be the culprit. Otherwise, the problem is caused by defective power signals electrically connecting the controller and the valve solenoids.

These are common issues for repairing which you can handle on your own, but if the problem is beyond what you know about such systems, you should call a sprinkler repair in Davis County.
Remember that the sprinkler system is an important component in maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape in front of your house. Contact the experts in repairing your sprinklers in Davis County.

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