Office Chairs for a Healthier Sitting Experience

Office hours are the most productive hours of our day. We wish to complete all the work given to us with utmost sincerity. However, sometimes due to prolonged sitting and incorrect posture, we end up feeling monotonous and not being able to perform up to our full potential. This is because our office chairs do not adjust to our body needs and we feel we that something is amiss. How to counter such situations? An ideal office chair which offers a healthier sitting experience may be the answer. Chairs, which are designed by experts in this field, take care of the health of the users, along with providing comfortable sitting, throughout the day.

How health and sitting are correlated

Sitting for long hours is detrimental to the good health of individuals. People who choose unhealthy office chairs are at a greater risk of developing heart related issues, diabetes, obesity, back pain, neck pain, shoulder swelling, and other serious diseases. This brings into focus the role which office chairs play in promoting good health of individuals. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Supporting the posture: Traditional office chairs can lead to many postural deformities, and the related health effects. A good office chair has provisions like adjustable lumbar support, head rest, neck rest and leg rest to ensure that a correct posture is maintained throughout.
  2. Being more comfortable: Office chairs which are designed keeping in mind the health of the users, are made of materials which offer a comfortable sitting experience.
  3. Reduce the chances of neck pain: Due to long hours of sitting, our neck takes the toll because of a traditional office chair. Smart office chairs are designed with adjustable neck rest which allows the users to reduce neck strain.
  4. Reduce chances of back pain: Smart office chairs provide an active support to the lower-back, providing a natural arch to the spine. Thus, even if you are sitting for extended periods of time, you do not feel the pressure on your lower and mid-back.
  5. Reduce pressure on the hips: For those people who use traditional chairs, they might relate to the fact that the seat exerts an extra pressure on the hips and buttocks. But, in the case of smart office chairs, there is a considerable amount of depth in the seat to adjust hips and buttocks.
  6. Improved mental Health: We all know that when we are physically healthy, our Morales are boosted and we are able to perform well at the workspace. Good office chairs help in enthusing creativity and innovation in individual mind.
  7. Work output increased: When the user is comfortable in the office seat, even after long hours of sitting, he is not distracted by any unnecessary stresses in his body. He can solely focus on the work at hand. This helps in improving the productivity of the individual, as well as the enterprise.

Office Chairs that Take Care of Your Health

These chairs are stand out products in the market because of their innovative features and dedication to health.

  • ErgoStool: This backless stool helps in building the core and back strength by sitting up straight. For those people who use stand up desks, this stool may act as an elixir because it helps improve the circulation in lower parts of the body. ErgoStool can be adjusted by up to 10 inches in height, and allows you to be active by using the ‘wobbly’ base.
  1. AvoChair: Nothing can help you feel healthier than knowing that you are sitting on office chair which is 100% eco-friendly. The elastomeric mesh which has been used in the Avochair, ensures that the correct posture is maintained, by distributing the weight evenly. All the innovative features of this chair are fully adjustable at the touch of a lever.
  2. MyoChair: This chair is a masterpiece of healthy sitting in the choice for healthy chairs. Myochair has all the required elements which listen to your different body needs. From padded seat, to adjustable lumbar support, to back seat tension, to optimum weight distribution, to adjustable neck rest, everything has been designed to give a comfortable user experience.


Maintaining good health is playing a central role in the lives of many individuals. So, when we think of healthy lifestyle choices at our home, why leave our office behind? Choose these extra comfortable office chairs from Autonomous.AI, and take a step towards improved health. Check it out here

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