Profisee Named Challenger in Gartner Master Data Management

The Gartner master data management (MDM) Magic Quadrant reports are routinely among the most eagerly anticipated publications by corporations and other entities that specialize in software offerings.

Last year’s Magic Quadrant reports from Gartner are particularly notable for the MDM software vendor Profisee. After being recognized by Gartner as a vendor in the “Niche Players” quadrant by the end of 2017, Profisee made a significant leap up over the course of the calendar year that followed.

In the Magic Quadrants reports made available around the tail end of 2018, Gartner revealed that they now recognize Profisee as a software vendor in the “Challengers” quadrant.

Profisee Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Wilson described the news of the company being positioned as a Challenger by Gartner as a “fantastic result.” The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Len Finkle, hailed the decision by Gartner as one that serves as a “positive reflection” of how things are continuing to improve at Profisee.

How Profisee Sets Itself Apart from Other MDM Vendors

The current hierarchy that exists within the MDM industry is still not set in stone. The Gartner master data management reports that have come out in recent years would seem to confirm as much.

However, what is starting to become abundantly clear is that Profisee is becoming more of a force within this industry.

Similar to many other MDM software vendors, Profisee strives to provide its customers with an intuitive and easily manageable user interface. The company’s solutions also take into account the fact that many businesses now utilize customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs. Their MDM data analytics platforms tools will make working with those specialized pieces of software significantly easier for companies

Profisee also boasts a golden resource management (GRM) engine. The reason why this is worth highlighting is because of how functional their GRM engine is.

The company’s GRM engine comes in very handy for the purposes of verifying numerous records stored in a client’s database.

On top of that, the aforementioned engine is going to help with cleaning the data stored by the client. Effective data cleaning is most certainly a feature businesses should seek out in any piece of MDM software and that happens to be one of the key features of Profisee’s offering.

Furthermore, Profisee’s MDM software is great to have on hand for the purposes of safeguarding master data more effectively. The software provides users with greater administrative control over the master data and beyond that, it can also notify users if changes have been made to the entries in the database.

One last thing worth highlighting about Profisee’s particular MDM software offering is that it is among the most cost-efficient options currently available.

Larger companies can obviously enlist for and quickly benefit from the features of Profisee’s MDM software. At the same time, smaller business owners who may not be completely familiar or even aware of MDM’s benefits can try out what Profisee is selling and see how it works for them.

As noted previously by Profisee’s CEO, the company is currently catering to the vast majority of businesses that have no previous experience working with MDM. Since their product is easily affordable yet still comprehensive, even smaller businesses have no reason to shy away from trying what they’re selling.

Growth Possibilities Remain for Profisee

2018 was definitely a banner year for Profisee. The recognition given to them by Gartner is hugely significant, but it could very well not be the last promotion the company earns.

Though now firmly situated in the “Challengers” quadrant, Profisee still has room to grow as a promotion to the “Leaders” quadrant awaits. With Profisee consistently working to improve its MDM software, another promotion could be awarded by Gartner in the not too distant future.

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