Rethinking Your Corporate Event: Spend A Day At The Amusement Park

Redesign your corporate event to require less time and effort, and have a fun and worthwhile time doing it. Join other field executives and experience firsthand how fun and memorable corporate conferences and events can be.

There are already thousands of “fun” and “amusing” creative ideas from smart and organized executives who want to make their conferences and events more fun, engaging, and worthwhile. But few of those ideas are integrated into a unified concept or fully fleshed out. It is my sincere hope that this article helps you brainstorm and consider how to implement fun, meaningful, and insightful to your conference, convention, meeting, and event practices.

One of the most common misconceptions about the amusement park is that it’s a place for kids. After all, a regular amusement park is a place of family fun, not children. Instead, the Amusement Park is a relaxing place for adults who like to play games and have a good time at the same time. “If you want to have a good time and have the time of your life, you should check out the amusement park.

Recreate an event at Disneyland with new memories and the Disney Company’s award-winning resorts. There’s no need to wait until the end of the month to see these iconic attractions—visit Disneyland in the summer or the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in the fall and you can get ready for your next family vacation.

If you’ve been eyeing that next new app or sporting event, maybe you’re trying to live more lightly on the earth. That’s right, the younger crowd will be visiting with a vintage game for your little ones to play on, and the smaller kids are already enjoying coasters, carousels, and other cool, fun activities at most parks. 

Instead, might we suggest that you plan a day at the amusement park and get away for a bit? There are all kinds of fun and educational activities going on in parks these days, so you can find one to suit your fancy. Your kids will love playing on the rollercoaster, Traders Village Rides, and the grumbling of your adult friends and co-workers

Every theme park should have a concession stand. This is where you can procure booze, junk food, and merchandise at a great price. There are a variety of parks with concession stands with many vending machines, or similar offerings. 

Some larger parks may have special booths dedicated to “outdoor games” as well as other attractions and establishments. You might be able to find a bingo game to play or you can keep it local and just go to the hotel for drinks and other supplies. Finally, each park has its own colorful decor, so you can also find some surprises within your concessions stand.

“I do a lot of corporate events and meetings at work. I want to learn as much as I can about them. The schools, the stores, and the amusement parks are always in my head. I took my regular lunch break, met with several people I knew from my company and took a day to really tour and understand how those facilities work. I also read and learned as much as I could about the business of entertaining. This can include things like the different offerings of different brands, getting recommendations from hotel and restaurant staff, trying out new attractions like Traders Village Rides and news of new releases, and anything else I could learn.”

We all know that the typical guest-winning, drinking and treating endures at most bars and restaurants on Saturday afternoons. We often watch the slow-paced line of drunk people get tossed from the front door of these establishments (why is the bar so far from the door, and why are the servers so slow?) to the counter to enjoy their drinks and treat their customers to a quick round of drinks and some hot wings before heading back to the office. 

Some even just stay behind to eat. These patrons spend hours enjoying a night out at these establishments, and the time they spend will not usually leave them much time for personal fun.


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