3 Trends On Landscape Design To Watch For On 2020

The future of outdoor living trends is now. As we all look forward to the new decade that lies ahead of us, a landscaping adventure awaits while the trends of 2020 unfold before us. Functionality is everything in the future where even our outdoor living spaces should be looking great while working even better. Here are three trends to be on the lookout for in 2020.

Verical Gardening

Many people who rent apartments or who own condos and have limited space are finding creative little ways to bring more green into their lives. One of the ways people are doing this is by gardening vertically. The amount of space you have or do not have doesn’t matter when it comes to vertical gardens though. 

You could have 10 acres of land and still want to hang a few wall planters in your kitchen to grow herbs in. Some may like the look of building a planter wall on their fences. When you are gardening vertically, the options of what you can do seem almost limitless. There are plenty of Landscape design services in Fort Worth to get ideas from too but It just depends on how creative you decide to get with your vertical garden. 

Vertical gardens are great for edible plants like fruit vines such as edible flowers or kiwi’s. You could even grow some vegetables in a vertical garden such as tomatoes, peas, and squash. These types of plants do well in a vertical garden because they adapt well to being planted to grow vertically. If you are needing help finding other things to plan in your vertical garden, get in touch with Landscape design services in Fort Worth!

Gardening Popularity

Over the past few years, gardening has seemed to be becoming more popular. In 2018, gardening was a $40.2 billion industry and is predicted to grow to be in the ballpark area of about $49.3 billion by 2023, which is a pretty big jump for the gardening industry. 

In 2018, houseplant sales showed the biggest increase of 10% growth in 2018 alone and the majority of those houseplants were succulents. Succulents are great little plants to start small with and look great around the house.

Indoor Living, Outdoors

Combining the way that we comfortably live indoors with the elements of the outdoors is probably one of the coolest landscape trends of 2020 and will probably continue long after 2020 is over and eventually just become a normal way of life. This trend can also be recognized in a lot of residential homes and the way that they designed for encouraging us to take the indoors out with us and to welcome nature inside all at the same time. 

These open-concept homes feature a wall of glass panels that slide back to be stored inside of a wall which leaves the entire gap wide open and turns the living room into an indoor/outdoor living space. Another thing that is becoming just as popular as an indoor/outdoor living room is how more and more people aren’t just going out to buy a grill but instead, homeowners are interested in having a fully-featured outdoor kitchen built outside in their backyards. 

This year, we are going to be going on an outdoor adventure that takes us to have functionality outdoors like we have accomplished indoors. We already know that house plant sales have been climbing for some time now so while we take our indoor lifestyles outside, we’ve already started taking the outdoors inside with us. Is this the dawn of a new age where we love and take care of the only planet we have to us?


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