Rise of 11Wickets & Fantasy Cricket Leagues in India


Pick your world cup fantasy cricket playing XI. Follow the progress of your players in the on-field match. Sit back and collect points. And win exciting cash prizes, if you have been a wise selector.

Fantasy cricket league, where you play the fantasy selector of a real game, and collect points according to the actual performance of the cricketers, is building a strong foothold in India.

One of the fastest growing fantasy cricket platforms in Indian fantasy sports market is 11Wickets. It is an independent product from Kolkata-based Ability Games, which has been taking cautious steps in this market since its launch in the mid of 2018.

In six months of its launch, 11Wickets have managed to rack up a user base of over 1 million. With the fantasy sports industry on the rise, more people at 11Wickets find themselves getting involved to win big.

The slow and tiny steps taken by 11Wickets.com

Since its launch, 11Wickets.com has been experimented various leagues, offers and promotions with Sunny Leone, the brand ambassador for the platform. Where the other fantasy sports platform of India has been roping in cricket celebs for promotions, 11Wickets brought Sunny Leone with the plan to appeal the youngsters.

Even though there are a countless number of leagues to join and different formats to play cricket games and earn points, all fantasy sports generally have the same premise. The users pick up players from a particular sport and assemble a fantasy team. The real-game statistics earned by the sports person are then converted into fantasy sports points for those challenging against other fantasy games teams for cash over a stated time period.

11Wickets give people the ability to pick up cricketers or footballers with a single day’s worth of stats. You just need to sign up and create an account, make your fantasy picks and win big. This offers players the opportunity to generate quick investments and turnovers into fast money-making breaks.

Due to the huge financial growth the fantasy cricket and football industry has seen over the last couple years, it is clear that fantasy sports will not be going anyplace anytime soon. And it is due to be one of the biggest forms of onlinesports in the coming years.

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