Rise Spirituality Every Day with the Top Bible Apps

With so little time to dedicate to yourself thanks to work and many other things in life, many of us are struggling with problems they don’t know how to solve. From financial to relationship problems – it seems there no end to struggles and battles our life throws at us. This can get extremely stressful and finding just a second to breathe feels like an impossible task. Some people find comfort in running or creative work and some find spiritual comfort in their religion.

But again, no matter in which category you fall, you need time. As for people who highly value their spirituality, although you might find a pocket of time on Sunday to go to church, what about other days of the week? If you feel like you’re not dedicating enough time to your spiritual self, we decided to check out some apps to help you with that even on a time limit.

We initially started our search on Google and after a couple of failed app tests, we found a website that lists top 10 daily bible apps. We thought it was a useful list so we want to share it.

Top 10 Bible Reading Apps

From the list, it was an easy job to pick potentially useful apps and it might help you out as well if you happen not to like any of the apps we’re about to suggest.

Light Bible (Android & iOS)

Although a highly valuable book, the Bible is long and you might not have time to completely dedicate yourself to careful reading. Light Bible is a great alternative since it offers snappy lessons from different Bible passages. Most of them are about 20 minutes long making it perfect for when you’re either commuting or you just came back home from work and want to relax. The quality of the audio makes for satisfying listening and as a great bonus, you can also check insightful verses when you have a minute to spare. This makes the app a great companion for anyone who wants to improve their faith but feels they lack the time. We also found out you can share your favorite verses in case you want to share it with family and friends.

Another potentially great feature is the included quiz where you answer questions related directly to the Bible. We say potentially because there seem to be some minor glitches that make a potentially great feature a bit offputting. Nevertheless, this is something developers can easily fix and with that little improvement, this app can quickly become the only thing you need – besides the actual book of course.

Bible Study (Android & iOS)

If you have a bit more free time on your hand, Bible Study might be a better choice. Bible Study comes with a bit more options than the first one, making it better for people who have an hour every day to really immerse themselves. You can read or listen to passages and even track your progress through the book to see how much you learned. So you don’t get the wrong idea, the lessons are pretty short, even shorter than in the first app, but there’s so much different content for you to explore, you will prefer to have a bit of extra time. Finally, many of the features are available offline so if you want to take your Bible study outside when there’s a sunny day, feel free to do so.

One slightly unfortunate thing we noticed is that the texts do have grammatical errors here and there. It’s nothing too serious and you can still enjoy your reading, but expect to stumble upon a typo. In our opinion, it’s definitely a minor flaw compared to everything the app offers, but still, if this would be fixed, the whole experience would be so much better.

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Daily Bible Devotion (Android & iOS)

The first thing we noticed about this is a modern yet minimalistic design which makes the app stand out from the rest. This one is great if you know the exact time each day when you can devote yourself to study. The app can send you simple reminders so you don’t forget and it automatically provides new material. This makes it super easy to jump right into it without wasting time on figuring out what you’d want to read next. It also has a nice quiz that we personally prefer more than the quiz the previous app has since the questions are more insightful. Besides testing your knowledge, it’s a great learning alternative for users to explore.

Overall, the app is nicely designed and that likely comes at a small cost in the form of ads. Ads will jump out here and there, but that can easily be fixed if you pay for the full version. It all comes down to how much you will find the app helpful. If you think it provides valuable insight for your faith, it might be worth the small financial investment.


So these are our top 3 picks and we hope you’ll find at least one of the apps helpful. If not, you can always check the before-mentioned list and see if you find one that’s perfect for you. Whatever your choice is, the most important thing is for each one of us to find time for things we care about since this is what makes us better people.

Last but not least, keep your faith strong and we’re sure one of these apps will make it more enjoyable and successful.


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