Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Look Like A Smart Watch

Gurin Products LLC ensures that their Santamedical range of medical products and appliances are backed by clinically proven technology. These medical appliances are widely used across several healthcare facilities, clinics, hospitals and by specialists across the world. Their products have efficient features, simple and compact design, portable dimensions and accurate enough to know the health status of a person in a reliable way. The Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor offered by Gurin Products is a simple to use device that ensures the levels of blood pressure are determined in an accurate fashion.

Why choose Santamedical Wrist blood pressure monitor?

The blood pressure monitor by Santamedical features a huge monitor and wrist cuff that helps the users to fit it on their arm and proceed to take the blood pressure rate readings. It is powered by high end technology that makes the wrist cuff to inflate in an automatic fashion to the appropriate level while lowering the measurement time. The superior ability of the  Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor helps it in making it a convenient and easy to use for the patients who are suffering from arrhythmia, which can lead to the variations in the level of blood pressure.

Top features of Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This Santamedical BP monitor has enough memory to help the users to store upto 60 different readings to know the variations of their blood pressure along with the respective date as well as time. There is also a memory recall feature. As it has a wrist cuff design, it can flaunt the look of a Smart watch when worn on the wrist. It can offer perfect fit even for the arms above the average size. It performs with 2X AAA batteries and has a user manual. Plus, the Blood Pressure Monitor is offered with a warranty for 2 years. It has a huge LCD display monitor and has auto power off function. There is also an emergency stop feature and can handle the pressure range from 30 mm Hg to 280 mm Hg.


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