Setting Realistic Dating Boundaries That Make You Feel Safe

As soon as you meet someone special, it is also important to set boundaries that will ensure that you are running a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, there are numerous misunderstandings about this idea. Many people are oblivious of the fact that this is for their safety.

Boundaries work well while they are set early on before things go wrong. But they must be realistic and fair so that the other person can also enjoy themself. The tips below are helpful to anyone whose intention it is to have an excellent relationship with boundaries.

Be Clear On What You Want

Any boundaries that will be laid are mostly determined by what you want. Thus, this should be the first thing to know. List goals that are related to the relationship as well as those that are related to life in general. Consider how they will be affected by the relationship and to what extent they should be. Some people may set strict boundaries while others will be a bit lenient.

Consider the Other Person

When setting boundaries, the opinion and feelings of the other person matter as well. Do not favor yourself alone and forget your partner. This may lead to a break up as soon as you start dating, especially when the other person feels that they are being treated unfairly. Before agreeing on the boundaries to set, you may probably need to sit down and agree between yourselves. Also, here are questions to ask your crush while texting

See What Others Are Doing

If you visit a reputable dating platform like Happymatches, you will learn a lot from various people who have experience in dating. Their blog pages are also all about tips for dating. Alternatively, talk to your friends who have been in relationships for many years. They will always have something to share. The good thing is that you can learn from their mistakes. Social media platforms are also resources because they make it possible for people to hear from people with first-hand experience on this.

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Agree and Implement the Boundaries

Setting the boundaries is one thing, but implementing them is another. Most people agree on the boundaries but no one cares to follow them. It is better to not to set them if they are not going to be followed to the letter. Let your partner know that you mean what you say regarding these boundaries that have been set. This is the only way that they will make sense. If their purpose is to keep you safe in the relationship, then ensure that the goal is achieved.

Amend the Boundaries Where Necessary

It is not cast in stone that things will go as planned. When implementation fails because of various reasons, both of you can always sit down and look at the goals again. Be sure to amend them realistically so that they can suit both of you well. But the amendments should not compromise what you have been trying to achieve. If anything, they should make it better.


As you can see, setting boundaries in a relationship will help to avoid many things that are considered wrong. But they need to accommodate both sides because the other person wants to feel safe as well. Thus, it is a consensus between the two of you.

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