Small Business Owner Challenges In 2020

The New Year 2020 may bring many opportunities, but it also rings challenges on small businesses.  Small business owners have to go through a lot of entrepreneurship strategies that include, marketing, finance management, sales, and product development. It is true that the last year has been quite great for the economic progress of small businesses.

However, this doesn’t mean a similar trend will be followed in the New Year. The new businesses will have to strive even more to get over the toughest challenges. Small business owners have to keep up with the latest trends. Not doing so can result in a significant loss under the complex and competitive marketplace. It is true that technological advancement is also putting ease into small businesses. The thing that is making them difficult to adopt is the rising competition among other businesses. The latest trends encourage business owners to embrace impactful strategies for business proliferation.

Small business owners must accept the inevitability of recession in the enterprise. These economic downturns may affect business practices, but business owners must be prepared proactively. Different technological trends, strategies and business loan blog can assist the business owners to stay confident for every challenge.

Let’s discuss some small challenges every small business owner may face in 2020.


Small business is more vulnerable to cyberattacks than well-established businesses. The cyberattacks are now more common and difficult to avoid. The cyberattacks count has increased up to 1.7 billion in the last year, which is an alarming moment. One reason for that is the security and old trends that give the hackers an opportunity to attack data and operations. Hackers always target small businesses because of weak security. The weak, fragile and insufficient security protocols on the websites can never work in protection from the disastrous cyberattacks.

Small business has to consider data protection to avoid any accident that can lead to business failure. The General Data Protection Regulations have encouraged every business to ensure data protection. The sudden rise in cyberattacks is not just because of the weak security but it is also the owner’s negligence.

Social Media Engagement

The customers of every business always look for activities on social media. The business engagement on social media allows the customers to better know about the operations, products and gain trust. Small businesses cannot survive without any existence or activities on social media. The posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram are becoming more common among marketing practices. These social media platforms also promote small businesses to reach maximum customers and increase sales. The successful business also reports their success because of the marketing and customer engagement on social media.

In fact, social media acts as a low-cost and easier platform to reach the maximum customer base and increase the traffic. Small business owners can easily design brand promotional posts to engage customers and increase potential sales. The New Year is expected to lead to many profitable trends that will assist small business owners.

Cash flow management

Cash flow is another major subject that will get on the nerves of the small business owners in 2020. The one reason behind this is the lack of experience, while other is the financial stress of losing up all the money without any profit. Cash flow management requires a concise idea of how much money is coming and going out of the business. No matter how much cash and assets you have on hand, the management will always be the most difficult management for the small enterprises.

Cash flow management involves keeping the track of the incoming and outgoing cash along with its conversion into the profits. The business owners raise concerns over the cash flow because of its rising complexity and impact on the businesses. Meanwhile, in 2020, small businesses will not be able to cover up major cash flow management tasks. These businesses will have to focus on business taxes, create supplier invoices, purchase assets, rent and payroll, and other major operations.


Innovation welcomes many opportunities for small businesses. But in periods of recession and the constant threat of economic downfall, it has become quite scarce in 2020. Only the relevant business survive in the competitive market, which tenses the small business owners to ensure the relevancy in their businesses. However, up taking the digital trends and tools for idea management can aid in bringing innovation for the customers.

Stepping into the year 2020 means bigger opportunities and challenges for small business owners. They will have to make decisions that are innovative to stay ahead of the competitors. Learning and considering the importance of vital tools and a flexible work environment can assure success in smaller businesses.

Automated jobs

The technologies are advancing and the world is moving with them. It is just a matter of time until the businesses will rely on the automation of jobs. As per the research prediction for 2020, the automation will be covering 3% of the jobs globally. Not just that, but these figures will be set loose for the next 10 to 15 years. These facts explain the upcoming challenges for small business owners to survive in the competitive market. You will either have to adopt automation, which is complex and expensive or rely on human resources.

Still, job automation can be done collectively with people who can work. But again it is expensive for the small business owners to embrace the advancement at once. Small businesses can take smaller steps towards combining the automation allowing them to take over hiring, customer support, and analytics.

Uninformed Stakeholders

The stakeholders can either make the business successful or leave them on the loss. The stakeholders can affect business operations and practices. These people rely on the information to stay aware of the ongoing activities inside the enterprise. With that, it becomes even more important to generate reports to educate the stakeholders to keep them engaged with the business.

Many professionals recommend educating the stakeholders through reports and infographics to ensure engagement. Trying unique practices can allow small business owners to communicate with the stakeholders over the products and services.

Time Management

Setting a time management plan is also considered an important aspect of a successful business. Meanwhile, in 2020, it will be even more complex to make the right decisions and divide the time. The small business owners will face challenges like lacking motivation and procrastination. Avoiding these factors can lead the small business owners to lose the track of deadlines and other vital elements.

Final Words

There are many practices that can help small business owners to make the right decisions. But the upcoming years are going to make everything difficult with new marketing trends to attract the customers for your business. For that, business owners should make use of digital tools and technological advancement to grow their business.

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