Top 6 Social Media Tools that You Can Use to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Activities


Social media is playing a critical role in changing the way companies market their products and services in various online platforms. These changes have had significant impacts on the way companies communicate to their customers and the way customers respond to the marketing messages. With these changes, it is essential to use social media tools to enhance social media marketing and enhance its application. Here is a list of top social media tools that companies should be considering.


Buffer is one of the leading social media tools in the industry. It is an essential tool in the scheduling of the marketing contents that companies use to reach their customers. If a marketer has some marketing messages that need to be posted in a specific period, Buffer stands out as the best tool because it can be used in sending content across multiple accounts and networks from a central dashboard. If you are new in social media marketing, this is a great place to start your marketing services.

Social Clout

Posting social media marketing messages is an essential process of marketing the products and services of the company. However, it is vital to get feedback on which social media marketing posts got the most engagement from the internet. Social Clout is the best social media marketing tool that is essential in helping social media marketing managers to have a comprehensive understanding of social media return on investment. Social Clout is critical in showing which platforms have the best performances.


Social media monitoring and marketing is all about staying current and making sure that you understand what is happening in the world of marketing. Feedly is an important social media marketing tool that helps marketers to understand what content is currently making significant inroads in the market. It allows social media marketers to understand what other marketers are doing in the industry. Marketers can use Feedly to gather some information on social media marketing content and also to create content that is relevant in the market.


There are very many social media tools out there in the industry that can be used in editing photos and creating stunning images that can be used in social media blogs. However, Canva is the best social media tool that social media managers should be using. It has been created to meet the specific needs of non-designers, which means that it is a friendly tool with zero complexities. You can easily use Canva’s multiple templates, colors, and fonts to come up with images that you need.


Social media marketing is one of the most complex tasks in the industry. It would help if you always were engaged on repetitive tasks trying to create and generate leads for your business. Using t0oo much time on creating marketing messages may force you to forget other important activities in the organization, such as increasing sales and revenues. Socedo is a social media marketing tool that helps you to automate everything. You don’t have to handle the repetitive blogging tasks as this system will handle it for you.


Edgar is an advanced social media marketing tool that is used in sharing old social media posts to create high engagement. As you gain new social media followers, you need to go into your archives and get the old posts so that you can impress your new followers. Edgar is the best tool you can use to get the old posts back and remind your followers about who you are.

As a marketing manager, there is no doubt you will be looking for the right social media tools to enhance your social media marketing activities. Working with NetBase, a leading social media marketing company, could give you an edge in your social marketing activities.






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