Tanzania 2020 Tourist Guide

Nature at its wildest, that is Tanzania. Words such as Zanzibar, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Swahili affectionately invoke Tanzania’s beauty and strength. This land located nestled in East Africa is known as the the place of vast, untouched wilderness. The mystique and beauty is everywhere you look with opportunity to be forever imprinted with this global vacation destination in awe.

Any month of the year there is something to be a part of on your visit here. Take January for instance, a trip for many destinations can be met with frigid temps and an uninviting welcome. This is not the case for Tanzania as the beginning of the year is a perfect start to your year of travel and exploration. January the temperature here is a comfortable 78 to 82 degrees. Weather is quite comfortable with less probability of humidity to adversely impact your vacation. Still the rule should be hydration and lots of water along with layers of clothing, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes.

Oh the Places You’ll Go

With so many iconic or less touristy locales there are a few worth highlighting:

Pemba Island-Here the lure is peace and serenity stemming from clear blue water where the vibrant play of coral intertwined with marine life is worth the view. Try visiting in earlier months for the pleasant temperature and uncrowded beach.

Serengeti National Park-Popular globally this National treasure is where some of the most numerous and diverse wildlife calls home. Wildebeests, a rare type of antelope not only lives here but also travels on a migration journey that is worth being part of. If you go early in the year there is a possibility to take part in the Tanzania wildlife tours and spend quality time throughout the various preserve areas.

Kilimanjaro-Are you ready for a hike, trek, heavenly view then this mountain has your name on it. Can you stand the raw beauty on one end and the bitter cold temps on the other? Standing at the peak called Kibo the snow tipped peak is a journey that will test,transform, and treat you to rugged, organic moments you will find fulfilling every step of the way.

Mnemba Island– A beautiful island spot that evokes the word natures luxury. Privately owned it takes about two hours to arrive. The turquoise blue water surrounds lush plantations. The resort lifestyle experienced here includes snorkeling, surfing, touring the plantation and more.

Safari Sights-The Serengeti is just one of the spots that offer a guided up close and personal relationship with wildlife. At this location enjoy visiting a powerful volcanic crater which is one of a kind form of artwork in nature this world has to offer on your Tanzania wildlife tours.

The of Zanzibar-Off the mainland lies Zanzibar an oasis of blue and white. The water and sand work together to provide a display of sun and fun. You might be surprised to see Middle Eastern architecture in the Arabic style buildings located there. So travel from sea to city and take the experiences with the local people and places back home in your heart.

These offerings of sight, sounds, and experiences are a guide to Tanzania’s attractions that meet any traveler right when they need it most,at the moment. It can be the most peaceful, laid back pace where relaxation is the name of the game. At the same time the possibility to have a true adventure through mountainous terrain, plains,rivers are definitely available. So plan a once in a lifetime experience today.


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