The Benefits of Installing a Ducted Split System

ou may have heard of ducted systems, and you may have heard of a split system, but what are ducted split systems? This article will tell you what you need to know, detailing three key benefits of these systems for your home and family. If you want heating and cooling in the one unit as well as the flexibility of temperature control through ducts, ducted split systems in Melbourne might be for you. Read on to find out more. 

What Are Ducted Split Systems?

With ducted split systems in Melbourne, you get all the benefits of being able to alter the temperature of any room of your home with the flexibility of heating or cooling from the same unit. Ducts are passages that move air through your roof or under the floor to transport cool or hot air to various rooms in your home. 

What Are the Benefits of Ducted Split Systems? 

There are many benefits of ducted split systems in Melbourne, including: 

Heating and Cooling in One Unit

What is the most convenient way of heating and cooling your home? Is it having multiple solutions for each need, or is it using the one unit to do double duty? With ducted split systems in Melbourne, you can have all your heating and cooling needs taken care of with one easy purchase. When you need to heat or cool your whole house, ducted heating and cooling is the most effective and most convenient choice. Just think, at the flick of a switch, your home can quickly be brought to the perfect temperature. No matter what the weather, you’ll be perfectly comfortable indoors. 


Ducted split systems in Melbourne offer superior heating and cooling with the minimum of intrusion into the aesthetics of your home. This means that it’s much more straightforward to come up with an interior design plan for your house. There are no ugly air conditioners or heaters to cover up when you’re not using them – only some vents in the floor or roof. A bit unit can get in the way of subtle room designs, which is why ducted split systems are often preferred. Their sleek and unobtrusive appearance saves your home from the distaste of disagreeable looking air conditioners and heaters. 

Control of Temperature

Ducted split systems in Melbourne offer all the enjoyment of ducted heating with the convenience of hot/cold functionality. One of the greatest benefits that ducted heating and cooling has is that it provides more control over your environment. Not only can you heat or cool your whole house, but some systems also provide the option to monitor the temperature in different rooms. You can even completely turn off certain zones in the house to save money on utility bills. This functionality allows for greater customisation of temperature in the home, solving those household dilemmas where one member of the family is freezing cold while another feels too hot at the same time. Each can have a different temperature between rooms to suit their preferences with a ducted split system.

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