The Benefits of Scissor Lift Hire

In the course of construction or other similar work, you may be required to work at a height that’s greater than what a ladder can reach. Materials, personnel and tools can be elevated to different heights using a scissor lift. This piece of equipment is named so because of the struts underneath the working platform that resembles a pair of scissors. The elongation of the crossing pattern beneath the platform raises the lift and the material or personnel in it. Continue reading to learn of some of the many benefits of scissor lift hire.

Increased Safety

Unlike ladders, a scissor lift comes with a platform that has rails, allowing workers to move around with relative ease. Scissor lift hire will enable your workers to reach a high ceiling or a wide wall and work on it efficiently. The rails around the platform provide safety for those within the platform

Another safety factor of the scissor lift is the strong foundation base it has. This supports the platform well from the bottom, providing stability to the materials and persons on the platform without the need for balancing, as is the case with ladders. Standard scissor lifts have one control panel on the platform and one at the base, which also contributes to safety. If there’s a power failure, the worker on the platform can lower himself to the ground by releasing the pressure that’s holding the lift up. In case of a medical emergency, the partner at the bottom can lower the platform down and perform first aid, or find medical help as is necessary.

 Increased Productivity

When you opt for scissor lift hire, you can increase your productivity vertically and horizontally at the same time. Workers and materials can be raised to an elevated position through the vertical movement of the equipment, and its mobility around the site enables horizontal movement. Workers can also enjoy higher productivity than those who have to lug materials around the site or up stairs.

Variety of Different Options Available

The variety of scissor lifts available is another advantage you get to enjoy. Electric-powered lifts are ideal for indoor use, such as in retail warehouses and indoor construction. For outdoor use, like when fixing electrical poles and other similar work, diesel-powered engines are recommended. This is because indoors, it’s easier to access an electrical outlet. Scissor lifts are also available in smaller and larger sizes that can assist with both large and small scale work at different heights.

Types of Scissor Lifts

Before choosing a scissor lift to hire, it’s necessary to understand what your specific needs are. Some of the available types that you might find useful include:

  • Hydraulic scissor lifts – The platform for this machine is raised and lowered through the use of hydraulic pressure and can be engine-driven or hand-driven. These lifts are ideal for projects where there isn’t a particular need for speed. They’re easy to navigate, meaning the operator doesn’t need much training.
  • Diesel scissor lifts – These are ideal in outdoor spaces, like construction sites and fixing of power cables. These engines emit fumes, but when used outside the fumes from these lifts aren’t hazardous.
  • Electric scissor lifts – Electric scissor lifts are powered by electricity and use a silent, non-polluting drive mechanism. Their availability in small sizes and the ability to work without polluting the environment makes them ideal for indoor spaces.

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